How To Clean Concrete Patio Without A Pressure Washer? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean concrete patio without a pressure washer, especially if you see some mold or mildew in it? Then, maybe this is the right time for you to clean your concrete patio, even you don’t have a pressure washer. Learn a few tips and how to clean it properly. Then, let it look like it’s washed with a pressure washer!

Many people prefer to have a wood deck as an outdoor exterior of the house, but they also said it is prone to discoloration and hard to clean without a pressure washer.

how to clean concrete patio without a pressure washer

Though the wood deck is much nicer to look at, some decided to work on a concrete patio as an added space. Mostly, they are at the back of the house or the front. If you have kids at home or love to stay outdoors, you’d likely want to have in between the two. 


Why Cleaning Your Patio Is Important?

The main goal is to make your concrete patio more attractive, and of course, much cleaner. Unfortunately, concrete is prone to fungi and mold build-up. Rainwater likely causes molds as water may not run off or if you have watered plants and spilled some water on the surface. Debris is quicker to clean. You can instantly sweep it off with a broom or blowers.

Practicing daily cleaning debris is an excellent way to maintain your concrete patio and prevent it from being attached to the surface. Green algae cause slippery surfaces, leading to accidents for adults and children.

You might find them unalarming, but it is always better to prevent something unpredictable. They are often come together with molds and some mildew. The state of your concrete patio will rely on how you take care of it and how you manage to clean them. Cleaning it with a pressure washer is much quicker and saves you energy, but it is only recommendable for persons who have enough knowledge on using the motor. An inexperienced or untrained individual might damage your concrete patio and worst injuries. It’s always good to finish cleaning quickly, but if you have no pressure washer or experience using it firsthand, it is always better to clean them manually than take risks. 


Steps To Clean Concrete Patio Without A Pressure Washer

So, here are the steps on how to clean concrete patio without a pressure washer:


Step #1. Sweep debris and leaves

If you have a tree nearby, leaves may be sitting in your concrete patio every day. Leaves don’t make you a dirty concrete patio, but perhaps, it is blocking a great view. So, sweep them off along with other branches or debris. Also, get that furniture away and plants for a while. 


Step #2. Wet the surface

After sweeping all the leaves and other debris, you must wet the concrete patio with water. Use a garden hose if you have one. If you don’t have a garden hose, you can use a pail to wet the surface.


Step #3. Prepare the solution

Suppose you have already wet the surface of the concrete patio. You can purchase detergent or liquid cleaners if you have no cleaning solution yet. Mix detergent or liquid cleaner to water, check the packaging for the manufacturer’s instruction. Mix then in a bucket or pail. But, if you choose to use organic and easily find it in the kitchen, you can use vinegar. The only problem is that vinegar has a strong smell, which isn’t great to inhale. But, many individuals have proved vinegar removes stains and mold after a few days. 


Step #4. Apply the solution

The next step is applying the cleaner solution. If you have water and a more sterile agent mixture, you can use a spray gun to distribute the cleaning liquid to the concrete’s surface. If you have no spray guns, you can apply them with a hand brush. 


Step #5. Scrub off the surface

Some parts of your patio may have stuck dried mud, mildew, mold, or green algae. Scrub them by using a hand brush. Hand bush is more effective than booms, as you will have a closer look.


Step #6. Let it sit

Cleaning agents need time to dissolve or absorb. Let it sit for at least three or five minutes. Check the packaging of the solution you have brought, as other brands only need two minutes. 


Step #7. Rinse 

If you have taken off those algae, molds, and grimes, you can rinse it off with the tap water. Use your garden hose to rinse it conveniently. You can also use a pail to flush out the solution if you have a garden hose at home. If you spot stains that you can’t remove, you can repeat the process or change your cleaning products. There is a various brand you can find in stores or online shops.
Scrubbing all the dirt and algae won’t be easy. But, aside from these steps I had given, there are products that you can bring to stores that don’t need much effort. First, you need to spray the product surface. You can remove mildews and mold through sweeping. But the product will also need to sit in the area for at least thirty minutes to one hour. 


It’s A Wrap!

Cleaning your concrete patio may need or occupy your time, but after you see your space cleaner than it was before, you’ll feel fulfilled. Now you know how to clean concrete patio without a pressure washer. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean wood deck with pressure washer and how to clean wood fence with pressure washer.

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