How To Clean Black Gas Stove Top? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you thinking about how to clean black gas stove top? Don’t worry because this article will show you how in a few easy steps. Black gas stoves sure as in this times as they contrast perfectly with the modern white marble kitchen craze.

But with the marvelous black comes its problems and concerns.

how to clean black gas stove top

Black gas stoves are trickier to keep maintenance as they show scratches much more accessible. We all know that stovetops alone are generally prone to tough stains easily overlooked with our busy lifestyle. It is not impossible to deal with them, though and at the same time still, save the stove. 

Black gas stovetops are more meticulous in taking care of them as they quickly show when scratched up. Therefore, mild cleaning methods are a must when keeping maintenance for these stovetops. But this article will help you with the different cleaning methods on cleaning black gas stovetop. Keep on reading to know more about this.


Steps To Clean Black Gas Stove Top Using Baking Soda, Vinegar, And Water

This method allows stains and grease to be removed with little to no use of scrubbing. This prevents the risk of scratch marks from forming. Here are what you will need to do on how to clean black gas stove top:


Step #1. Remove grates

Those metal grates you see on your stovetop will need to be removed first. You may clean them after too. The stovetop has a more extensive surface area, so you should cover it first. The metal grates can be left on the sink with some warm water and dish soap.

This helps to dilute whatever dirt that has been clinging to your stove grates too. Finally, make sure the warm water with dish soap soaks the whole of each stove grate. They may even have some burnt-on grease on them, given that they are directly below the pots or pans and in contact with the gas stove flames.


Step #2. Spread baking soda

Sprinkle the baking soda all over the stovetop. Be generous as this will absorb the oils. Use a soft scrub to rub the baking soda into the stove to help it break down tough stains more. Baking soda is safe and mild on the skin and surfaces, but it is a very effective and famous cleaning agent.


Step #3. Vinegar and water

Use a spray bottle for this next step. Mix the vinegar and water; there is no specific ratio for the mixture. Generously spray this mixture all over your stovetop. Let it sit there for about 10 minutes.


Step #4. Wipe it off

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off what has become of the vinegar and water mix. Microfiber cloth is one of the softer fabrics that prevent scratches from happening on the surface. These are other common household items you must always have in your kitchen. Dip the microfiber cloth in clean soapy water.

Use this to wipe the stovetop to break down the left oils after the vinegar wash. Repeat as many times as needed to eliminate the sticky and greasy feeling on your stovetop. Use a dry microfiber, and don’t finish off with a damp cloth as this can leave watermarks on the surface.


Step #5. Don’t forget the grates

The grates are probably well diluted by this time. Drain the water and rinse with water only. You can also spray the same vinegar and water mixture on the grates and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe it off with a microfiber cloth too. You may also wash it with dishwashing soap and a sponge-like how you would go-to dishes. Once dry, return the grates to the stovetop.


Step #6. Keep maintenance

Once all the grease and soaps are visibly gone, keep wiping with a microfiber cloth. Go in circular motions to prevent watermarks. This will buff the surface of your black stovetop. Thus, making it shiny and looking fresh and new! Cleaning them at least once every few weeks will help keep that shine going for years.


Steps To Clean Black Gas Stove Top Salt And Baking Soda

If you don’t have a supply of vinegar, there is another method to use with salt. Salt scrubs for the skin are known for the benefits of effectively cleaning the surface. Since you can safely use it on the skin, it’s safe to say it will be safe for the stovetop.


Step #1. Mix

After removing the grates and soaking them in the sink, as previously mentioned, start to mix salt, baking, and water. The ratio will be all 1:1:1 using a tablespoon. Mix until you create a nice thick paste.


Step #2. Scrub

Use a washcloth to rub the paste on the stovetop. Repeat the steps as needed. Finish off by buffing per same procedure as above mentioned. Don’t forget to dry off the grates before returning to the stove.



You now know how to clean black gas stove top. We hope you have a great time cooking in the kitchen again. Remember to keep up with maintenance and the cleanliness of your kitchen. This allows your appliance not only to look fresh but also to perform well. You may want to read why won’t my gas stove light on and how long should I let my house air out if I left my gas stove on. Thank you for reading!

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