How To Clean Bed Sheets Without Washing Them? 4 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to clean bed sheets without washing them? It’s very easy; I’m sure you can execute the steps with a breeze.

I know how irritating it is to have dirty bedsheets.

how to clean bed sheets without washing them

It’s not only gross, but it can also lead you to sleepless nights, given the discomfort and itch that it can give.

My friends, don’t dwell with dirty sheets.

You have the means to clean them.

And you can do this even without washing them.

Are you excited to know the ways? If yes, then let’s start!


Ways To Clean Bed Sheets Without Washing Them

My friends, it’s time for you to remove your bedsheets, then clean them.

Wondering how to clean bed sheets without washing them?

It’s easy, here are the ways:


#1. Use baking soda

Perhaps, one of the most effective things to use is baking soda.

There’s no doubt why it’s prominent when it comes to cleaning things.

Baking soda does not only remove dirt, but it also disposes of that weird smell in your sheets.

This natural cleaning substance is an effective deodorizer too, my friends.

So, if your sheets are dirty and smelly, using this option is the best choice!

The first thing to do is to lay the sheets on a flatter surface.

Keep them in an open space; it’s ideal to expose them under the sun for many days.

In this way, it’s sure to help remove bad smells.

Also, it can help say goodbye to insects that are bugging around your sheets- you never know!

I’m sure, there are many other little beings that are lodged in your sheets.

Anyway, after hanging them under the sun, thoroughly and carefully beat them.

In this process, you may need a baton; but, you can use your bare hand to beat and shake your bedsheets.

Doing so will get rid of the dust that is accumulated in the fabric material through time.

Now is the time to use your baking soda. Pour it in the sheets then leave it for quite a time.

Yes, you’ll be amazed how much it works wonders.

And there you have it, my friends. Your sheets are now clean.

In getting rid of the baking soda, you can just use a vacuum cleaner. And that’s it! You’re done.


#2. Blot the stains

Another way in getting rid of the bedsheet stains is by blotting them out.

When there’s a stain, you have to carefully remove it.

Well, you can opt for various cleaning liquids and detergents in the market.

I know you don’t want the hard way.

So, you just have to focus on the stained area. Wet this part first.

In so doing, the stains will slowly loosen from the fabric.

You can pour a little cleaning liquid or vinegar into the affected spot.

Leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Get a microfiber cloth and use it in blotting the stains out.

Perhaps, it’ the most effective means for recent stains.

In blotting the stains, it will require quite a force.

However, this process doesn’t necessarily work when the stains already stayed long in your bedsheets.


#3. Dry cleaning

Doing it yourself can be challenging and tiring, especially if you’re a busy person.

That being said, you may opt for dry cleaning.

My friends, it’s not generally washing.

It’s because dry cleaning employs liquid solvent that aids in cleaning a fabric rather than water.

This solvent is capable of evaporating quickly, and it doesn’t consist of water.

My friends, there may be some solvents that have water in them, but only a handful.

But then, it should be worth noting that using this process may not be done at home.

It’s usually done by complex machines unless you have one at home.

That being said, you may be required to go to a laundry store for dry cleaning.


#4. Other means

My friends, aside from the ways mentioned above, you can also find linen sprays in your local stores.

It’s just temporary and it’s sure to freshen up your bed sheet.

It may not get rid of the stains entirely, but it can help.

Make sure that in using this process, you’ve exercised proper precautions.

All you have to do is to spray this solution in the affected area then let it rest for some time.

Also, it’s worth noting that it comes with chemicals to get rid of odors and smells.

That being said, it may not be the best option, though can be used when badly needed.

Just like the process above, you can lay the sheets down on a flatter surface to concentrate on the affected area.

Or maybe, you can hang the sheets on your clothesline, whatever is convenient for you.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, everything is in your hands.

I hope you’ve already learned the hard and easy way.

Make sure your sheets are clean.

Anyway, you already know how to clean bed sheets without washing them.

And yes, any of these processes above are easy to execute and require less time.

So, start cleaning your sheets now!