How To Clean Bed Rest Pillows? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean bed rest pillows? My friends, I’m sure you can execute each step in a breeze.

These steps are easy; you’ll learn each of them as your read further.

Before everything else, I would like to remind you that the correct means of cleaning your pillow depends on the kind of pillow you have at hand.

Yes, washing can be easy if you can machine wash these things, but what if you can’t?

In this article, let’s understand how you can clean a bed rest pillow.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Considerations To Clean Bed Rest Pillows

Let’s understand first the basics in cleaning a pillow.

Here are the questions to answer:


#1. What’s in the label?

From the label itself, you will know how you can clean your bed rest pillow.

In the label, you’ll find out whether or not you can machine wash it.

Or maybe, it requires spot clean, dry clean, or hand wash.

Whatever you got there, check the label, and from there, you can wash your bed rest pillow.


#2. What’s the fabric used?

There are cases when you can’t find the label, for instance, due to wear through time.

It’s not a big problem, though.

All you need to do is to identify what fabric the bed rest pillow is made of.

With this, you’ll know what means is perfect to wash it.

Know the fabric type, and from there, you can start!

For instance, if you have silk or velvet, it may require a dry clean.

If not, gently washing it with water may do.

One that is made of cotton or polyester may require that.


#3. How to spot test?

In this step, you’ll be needing a cleaning solution and a clean rug or cloth.

Then again, the cleaning solution to use may depend on the kind of fabric your bed rest pillow is made of.

Now, it’s time to have a spot test; do so by blotting such against the bed rest pillow.

It only takes around 30 seconds to finish this process.

Observe if there’s a transfer of color to your rug or cloth.

Then, permit the area to dry. Check if the color fades too.


#4. Can you perform a sponge cleaning?

Do you know that a mere sponge cleaning is sufficient to clean your bed rest pillow?

All you need are shampoo and sponge.

In doing this process, do so in circles, and carefully!

After which, you can blot out excess moist and extra shampoo with your towel.


#5. Do you need to dry clean it?

In case you need dry clean the pillow, get a dry sponge and dip it in a dry solvent.

It’s time to clean the fabric in circle; do so carefully.

Be aware of the piping, creases, and fold.

In blotting it, use a clean towel.


Ways To Clean Bed Rest Pillows

Take note that some bed rest pillows are machine washable and others are not.

If you’re not certain about it, then the best thing that you can do is to spot clean it.

My friends, spot cleaning is the best way to clean your pillow even if it should be exposed to dust, pets, or spills

Here are the ways on how to clean bed rest pillows for you to do so:


#1. Bust the dust

There’s a need to you to clean your bed rest pillow, especially if it is exposed to dust.

The best way to do so is spot cleaning it.

Leaving it as it is may lead the dust to push into the fabric. And you don’t want that to happen, right?

Don’t fret, though. It’s easy to spot clean your bed rest pillow.

First, get it and take it out.

The next step is smacking it with your hands.

With this, you’re sure to remove light dust and debris from the best rest pillow.

In order to clean it further, get a vacuum and use it, much better if you’ve got an upholstery brush.

If the pillow is adorned, fringes, or beaded, it’s best to exercise caution.

You don’t want to lose these elements because you’ve vacuumed it.


#2. Blot the spot

My friends, blotting the spot as soon as you’ve stained the pillow is important.

It’s very easy, though.

Just get a clean cloth or rug then press it in the stained area.

The least that you can do is to use a paper towel, in case you’re not at home and a clean cloth or rug is not available.

Through this, you can help get rid of the liquid immediately.

You may be wondering how this process can help.

Well, it absorbs the liquid spilled in the pillow.

This process is finished when there’s no more liquid that transfers from the pillow to the cloth.


#3. Use soap

Again, you can use a clean towel or cloth and soak it in a soapy water.

Use this to spot clean your bed rest pillow.

If there’s no label, you can undergo a spot test.

Do so in a small area so you’re sure that the solution you’ve used is not detrimental to the fabric.

In bigger sports, wipe it out in.

In this way, you’re sure the stains won’t spread out.


#4. Sticky spots

Got your pillow a chocolate syrup? Or maybe chewing gum?

Get an ice and place it on the spot. Wait until it’s hardened.

Now, you can scrape it with a knife; do so inwards.

Once the spot softens, put an ice and make it hard, again.


Step #5. For ink

It’s easy to get rid of the ink from your bed rest pillow.

Do you know that you can actually use a rubbing alcohol?

You read it right.

Just like in the steps above, you can use a white cloth.

Tap it and wait for the ink to transfer therein.


It’s A Wrap!

That’s how to clean bed rest pillows, my friends.

Just follow each step carefully.

I know, you can keep it clean.

Until here, my friends!

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