How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer? The Easiest Way!

Do you want to know how to clean an area rug with pressure washer? The first step is to place the carpet in a flat and open space. Then scrub the carpet with the detergent, either by hand or with a rotating pressure washer spray tip. Finally, rinse the rug with a wide-angle end to remove any remaining suds. Your area rug is now squeaky clean after drying. If you find yourself reading this right now, then later, you probably have been interested in cleaning your rug with a pressure washer. If I’m right then, I just want to tell you that you have come to the right place. If I am wrong, consider sticking around; you might learn a thing or two.

An area rug in your house can get dirty after a while. All sorts of dirt, dust, and nasty stuff can collect on your mat as time goes by. Regular cleaning, such as sweeping or vacuuming, can be effective for removing the upper layer of dirt, but it does not go into the roots of the rug. Especially if something spills and dries, or if the carpet gets stained, it is very tiring to scrub the area manually. 

how to clean an area rug with pressure washer

Sometimes we do not see the results we want to see. It could work sometimes, but sometimes the stains don’t go away. You also don’t know what other stuff could be in the rug besides the dirt and colors you can see with your eyes. More so if the area carpet is located in a room that people inside the house always use. This article will discuss what an area rug is, why use a pressure washer on your rug in the first place, and finally, the steps you would have to take to clean your area rug with a pressure washer. If any of the topics mentioned pique your interest in any way, then keep on scrolling for more.


What Is An Area Rug?

Before we start talking about how to clean certain things with a pressure washer, we must first familiarize ourselves with the object we are trying to clean. So, what exactly is an area rug? An area rug is just like a carpet. The difference is that a carpet covers up pretty much the entire floor’s surface in a room, while an area rug covers only just that, an area. 

Area rugs come in different sizes and designs. These factors most of the time depend on the home owner’s style preference. Using an area rug also has some perks. These include the way it makes the room quieter by absorbing the sound and how it protects your room floor from damage. It also makes the space a lot warmer and cozier. It gives you the freedom to take off your slippers and still keep your feet safe from the cold floor during winter. If you want to learn more about how to clean an area rug with a pressure washer, continue reading until the end. Here’s everything you need to know about area rugs.


Why Use A Pressure Washer On Your Area Rug

Now that we know what an area rug is, why do we even need a pressure washer to clean it? Is it essential? Safe even? Well, the answer to that is this. Area rugs are usually large enough to not fit inside the washer. Yes, we can clean it manually, but it is time-consuming and inefficient because of its large size. If you do not have a pressure washer, then, by all means, you can do it by hand. It will not be pretty, though. It will also not be as effective compared to if you would use a pressure washer. The rug will be safe as long as you use the correct angle for the tip and the proper pressure.


Steps To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

We will now discuss the recommended steps on how to clean an area rug with pressure washer. It is first necessary to prepare everything else of concern before starting. First, make sure you already have an area you could do your cleaning at, preferably outdoors. Use a tip with an angle of about 30 to 40 degrees for that sweet spot where it can thoroughly clean the rug without damaging it.

A pressure washer ranging from 1600 up to 1800 psi is suggested. Finally, choose the detergent or solution that you want to use. To clean the rug, firstly vacuum it to remove any loose dirt. Then apply the detergent, either by wetting it first and scrubbing it by hand or using a rotating brush tip with the detergent. 

After agitating the cleaning solution or detergent, you can rinse it with your pressure washer using a sweeping motion. Note, do not use hot water. You can also flip the rug and rinse the bottom side. After ensuring everything is clean, all that’s left is to let it dry, and we are all good.


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to clean an area rug with pressure washer. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. You are a fantastic person. Keep on learning new things. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean wood deck with pressure washer and how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer.

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