How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Mold: 5 Easy Steps

You came here because you would rather learn how to clean a window air conditioner mold than purchase a new AC. Then, let’s save that fortune for something else and know for now how we can get rid of that moldy look and musty smell.


how to clean a window air conditioner mold

What Causes Mold Buildup In Window Air Conditioners?

Purchasing the best and most expensive air conditioning unit does not help you escape from the possible mold growth. Molds do not merely thrive in moist areas but also in places with high levels of humidity.

If you are planning to invest in an expensive unit or already have one, be sure to make it serve its purpose. Do not put it aside for a long period of time and let it collect dust. This can get inside the vents and will eventually lead to mold contamination.


How To Clean Window Air Conditioners

This step-by-step process will come in handy especially if you live in the part of the globe which experiences winter. If you do, cleaning and maintaining your window air conditioners should be a part of your to-do list during spring.


Step #1. Revisit the user manual

What is more reliable to consult than the user manual that came with your window air conditioner? If this does not apply to your case, then you can make a quick online search about it and see if there’s a soft copy available for your unit.

This is essential in the sense that each air conditioning unit is different. Because of this, it may entail a different approach and will help you prevent mishaps while cleaning. You do not want this to add to your woes, do you?

Make sure to read the important details in your manual particularly the ones which are related to cleaning mold. Your unit may contain specifications that will dictate which of the cleaning supplies and following steps you may not need to follow.


Step #2. Unplug the unit

To avoid the worst case scenario, you must make sure to unplug the unit from any power source. You will be in contact with water while getting rid of the mold from the different parts of your unit. The last thing you need is to get electrocuted while battling with molds.


Step #3. Remove the unit from the window

Ask for a helping hand to remove the unit from your window. Unless you have a strong body build, you may need the assistance of someone to safely carry the unit to your desired cleaning area.

With your manual in hand, know how to disassemble the exterior part of your unit to get access to the interior part. Make sure to clad yourself in safety gears such as goggles, gloves, and N-95 masks to avoid inhaling toxic mold spores.


Step #4. Remove the filter and start inspecting

If you have a smoker inside your home, remind yourself to change the filter every 1 to 3 months, especially for large units. As for small units, do a regular checkup every month to ensure that the unit is free from dirt and the air could circulate well around the house without any jam.

After which, you may start inspecting the unit. Grab a flashlight to clearly see the dark parts which may possibly be a home to mold infestation. Mold may appear in different colors and sizes and some of them, like the black mold, can be harmful to one’s health.

To avoid exposure to the hazardous kinds of mold, learn how to identify the mold’s toxicity. You also need to consider the amount of mold growth you will be dealing with. If the molds occupy a large area of your unit, then this may call for a replacement as it is already beyond cleaning.


Step #5. Get rid of visible mold

Mix a bucket of warm water with ½ cup of bleach. Soak a scrubbing sponge in the solution and use it to wipe off the mold in the inside areas of the unit. The bleach will be strong enough to remove the residual mold buildup.

To prevent your unit from becoming a breeding ground for mold, make sure to learn how to clean mold on the air conditioner coils (the U-shaped metal tubes found near the front and back of your unit). You can use a commercial coil cleaner and let it sit for a while to completely remove any remaining dirt and mold.

When all is done, leave the air conditioning unit to dry completely. After a day or so, you may start reassembling the unit and reinstalling it back at your window.

Now you have a window air conditioner free from mold! You just have to take note on how to prevent mold growth in your AC.



In knowing how to clean a window air conditioner mold, you need to make sure that your cleaning efforts will not go to waste. Get into the inner parts of your unit and make it a practice to apply what you have learned from this guide. Mold removal does not have to be stressful, does it?

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