How To Clean A Velvet Sofa? The Best 2-Step Method

Knowing how to clean a velvet sofa is not complicated because you only need a brush and a vacuum cleaner. We simplified the maintenance practice into two steps, but we also included the proper way of removing stains on velvet. And if you want to know more about velvet couch maintenance, this article has it all for you. 

Do note that velvet sofas can use different materials. Some use silk, while others use synthetic fibers such as polyester or rayon. We recommend learning about the best sofa fabrics to help you decide if this material is a perfect match for you to begin with. 


How Do You Clean A Velvet Sofa?


Step 1. Brush off the dirt on the sofa

  • Remove all the accessories on the sofa, including the pillows and covers for cleaning separately
  • Find a soft-bristled brush and gently remove the dirt and other build-ups on the velvet sofa
  • You can also use a clothing brush and work even strokes all over the couch
  • Focus on one area of the sofa at a time to ensure that you are removing dust and other particles efficiently
  • Do not apply pressure when brushing the velvet couch, as this might damage the material or force the dirt deeper into the fabric
  • Check the cracks between the seats, back, and sofa arms as well because they typically collect dust the most 

Step 2. Use a vacuum to clean the velvet sofa

  • Similar to cleaning a suede sofa properly, the best way to maintain a velvet sofa’s cleanliness is with a vacuum cleaner
  • You don’t have to clean the velvet couch with moisture often because weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will suffice to keep it from getting dirty
  • Install the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner to help you reach even the tightest spots
  • Have the vacuum at a considerable distance from the velvet couch and work in sections
  • Use the lowest setting and work in one direction consistently to ensure that that the fabric won’t be lifted in multiple orientations
  • Don’t forget to vacuum the sofa cushions as well as they can collect dust and crumbs over time

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Velvet?

There are different types of velvet fabrics, and removing their stains will also require various methods. Always refer to your sofa’s care tag or test any cleaning solution in a small spot before using it all over the furniture. It would also be best to address spills and stains as soon as possible to prevent them from seeping deeper and becoming trickier to remove. 

In the long run, to avoid these accidents, use sofa protectors that are safe for velvet or learn how to slipcover a couch if you have kids, pets, or guests often. 


  1. Blot as much of the spilled liquid as possible if it is still recent
  2. Use a dry cloth to dab the affected area and soak the excess liquid
  3. Don’t press hard or rub the stain as it might spread around and deeply into the velvet couch
  4. Replace the cloth once it gets saturated or use several paper towels 
  5. Mix dish soap and lukewarm water to remove the residue
  6. Test the soap solution on the velvet material first by tapping a microfiber cloth soaked in it onto the couch
  7. If there is no staining after a minute or two, proceed to gently rub the stain to transfer it onto the cloth 
  8. Do not oversaturate the velvet with liquid, and always squeeze the soaked cloth before applying it onto the sofa
  9. Allow the cleaned area to air-dry and use a soft-bristled brush to restore the texture of the velvet

Does Water Ruin Velvet?

Water can ruin velvet, but not all velvet fabrics are prone to get damaged by water. Some types of velvet upholstery can be safely cleaned with mild soap and water should stains occur. However, avoid hot water as this might affect the look and texture of the velvet couch, and be mindful of your water’s hardness.

The high concentration of minerals in hard water requires you to know how to remove the water stains from the fabric sofa. Furthermore, always refer to the upholstery cleaning code of your couch to see if it’s recommended to use water for cleaning (W) or if it is code X that means you must only use a vacuum for cleaning. You need to bring the couch to a professional for these materials as they have the right equipment for your sofa. 


Is Velvet Upholstery Easy To Clean?

Velvet upholstery is relatively easy to clean, but it’s not as versatile for use with different practices and products like other materials such as cotton. If you have children, pets, or you use the sofa often for social gatherings, it will be better to get something more low-maintenance. For example, leather sofas make excellent investments because you only need to wipe them off for cleaning. 



The gorgeous look and feel of velvet make it one of the best sofas to get. However, we hope you learned how to clean a velvet sofa correctly before you make that purchase. To recap, you only need to brush the velvet couch and vacuum it off for general maintenance.

If stains occur, refer to the care tag of the furniture. Some velvet materials should be safe with water and mild dish soap, but always test any solution before using. If these practices are reasonable for your lifestyle, this is your green light to get a velvet sofa. 


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