How To Clean A Used Sofa? 3 Things You Must Do

We have three steps to teach you how to clean a used sofa. This tutorial is applicable if you just bought an old sofa or if you want to rejuvenate antique furniture. First, we will talk about the use of sunlight, baking soda, and enzyme cleaners that can sanitize the sofa for safe usage. 

Speaking of which, we recommend that you check out this guide on how to disinfect a sofa properly. The process is slightly different, and you can do it after you finish these three steps to clean the used furniture further. 


How Do You Clean A Used Couch?


Step 1. Bring the used sofa outside

After purchasing a used sofa, give it a thorough inspection to know if there are needed repairs, stains to be treated, or parts that need replacement. It’s a better idea to leave it outside to ventilate for at least a whole day before bringing it indoors. This practice will also save you the trouble of stressing how to get rid of bed bugs on the couch

The UV rays and heat outdoors will naturally disinfect your couch and kill the bugs and germs that might remain. Allowing the sofa to ventilate will also dry it thoroughly if it has leftover moisture inside that puts you at risk for mold growth. Therefore, deconstruct your sofa and lay its cushions and other parts to expose them equally to the UV rays. 


Step 2. Deodorize the sofa with baking soda

After ventilating the used sofa outdoors, freshen it further with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the couch, targeting the crevices and tight areas as well. You also want to work the cushions one side at a time and let the powder sit for several hours or overnight.

The baking soda will help deodorize the sofa and also absorb any moisture left. Then, vacuum the powder off and use this as an opportunity to loosen the dirt and dust build-up before the deep cleaning. Be sure to check the cleaning code or ask where you bought the sofa about the right products for the furniture. 


Step 3. Deep clean the couch

Note that different sofas vary in materials, so it’s best to test your cleaner on a small spot first to avoid damaging your furniture. In general, you’ll wipe the sofa thoroughly but never get it oversaturated with liquid. Then, remove the cleaning residue with another damp cloth before finally wiping the couch with a dry cloth

Allow the furniture to air-dry, and if your sofa has removable cushions, consider washing them separately for deep cleaning. 


What Can I Use To Deep Clean Thrifted Furniture?

You can mix dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water to clean thrifted furniture. This solution can also effectively eliminate stains and odor. You only need to work the solution into the upholstery with a soft-bristled brush before blotting the affected areas and wiping with another damp cloth. 

Do note that you must familiarize yourself with the materials of the thrifted furniture. For example, perhaps it’s an antique couch that requires professional cleaning to keep it in the best shape. If you’re unsure about the products you can use, bring the sofa to a professional, especially if it’s a valuable item. 


Can I Spray Rubbing Alcohol On My Couch To Disinfect?

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent disinfectant, especially for used items. However, you must test it first on the sofa as some materials might stain. After you ensure that there is no reaction, mist the sofa all over with rubbing alcohol. 

You don’t need to get the couch soaking, but just enough to cover it entirely. What about other disinfectant sprays? They should also be safe as long as you don’t oversaturate the couch, but always test a small portion of the sofa to be sure. 


Can You Steam Clean A Couch?

If you know how to steam clean a sofa, it will be useful for cleaning a thrifted piece of furniture. The temperature of the steam can kill germs and also help in stain removal on the sofa. However, not all couches are compatible with steam cleaning, so be aware of the cleaning code X that’s only appropriate with vacuum cleaning. 


Is It Okay To Buy A Used Couch?

It is okay to buy a used sofa because you can save a couple of bucks, and you might even end up with a unique furniture piece. However, careful inspection is necessary to ensure that you’re getting something worthwhile. It should be clean and in good shape for reuse. 

Be mindful of deteriorated cushions, damaged frames, or stained and stinky upholstery. The costs of restoring a sofa with these conditions might even be higher than getting a new one. And if you want a new couch, you can always score discounts if you know the best time to buy a sofa



Did you score a fantastic thrifted couch? We hope you remembered our tips on how to clean a used sofa to ensure that it’s ready to be added to your living room. To recap, you’ll bring the couch outdoors to ventilate and allow the UV rays to disinfect it. 

Then freshen it with baking soda and a vacuum cleaner before deep cleaning with the right products. And that’s it! Your used sofa should be good as new. 


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