How To Clean A Sleep Number Mattress? 2 Best Ways

Those who want to know how to clean a Sleep Number mattress, check out these two main techniques to learn! You will know how to deep clean your bed and also maintain it to keep it fresh. We are also basing on the brand’s recommendations, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally damaging the bed. 

First, consider what type of mattress is from Sleep Number. It’s an air bed, correct? You have to be extra mindful in handling it to prevent leaks but still maintain it properly. 


How To Clean A Sleep Number Mattress Correctly

As you will read below, there are some differences when cleaning a Sleep Number mattress. Remember that there are traditional models and 360 beds, so adjust accordingly. 


Spot cleaning

The first technique that you must learn is how you should spot clean your Sleep Number mattress. Consider this as the deep cleaning method because you’ll address the stains on the bed. However, we still want to emphasize the importance of reading the indications for the specific Sleep Number model you have regarding cleaning. 

Like with all mattresses, you’ll remove all the accessories on your bed. You also want to unzip the top panel of the cover to see the affected areas easier. Then, make a solution of warm water and mild detergent to target the discolorations. 

For the cover, you can use the same solution and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Be mindful not to oversaturate both the fabric and mattress to avoid damaging them. Once done, place them outside or somewhere ventilated to air dry. 


Additional reminders

Some models don’t require the unzipping of the cover. And instead, you’ll use a cloth with water and a minimal amount of gentle detergent to rub off the stains. Never use the dry cleaner or washing machine because they can shrink the mattress cover, and you should also avoid stain guards as they can cause discoloration on the fabric. 



The second technique you must learn is how you can clean your Sleep Number mattress as a part of maintenance. You can treat the stains immediately if they occur, but you should still regularly clean your bed regardless of any discolorations or odors. For this method, you will need a vacuum cleaner at a reasonable distance. 

It should not use the non-bristled attachment and remember not to vacuum the bed directly. Vacuuming your Sleep Number mattress will remove the build-up of dirt and debris safely. But what about odors?

Depending on the model you have, you can place dryer sheets under the fitted sheet or the mattress cover panel. However, avoid using sprays directly on the bed. They might be too harsh or end up saturating the fabric. 


How Do You Clean Urine From A Sleep Number Mattress?

Urine is one of the most annoying issues to deal with in mattresses because it stains and causes a strong odor. We recommend that if it’s fresh, use a cloth to absorb the liquid before it seeps deeper on your Sleep Number bed. Then, disinfect the affected area with the same solution you use for spot-treating stains earlier. 

Soak a piece of cloth in the solution and rub your mattress. Then, use another cloth that you misted with vinegar and lemon to help neutralize the smell. But if the urine has stained the bed, some people use boric acid. 

This is also effective if a pet urinated on the bed. Cover the stained areas using a damp cloth and let them sit for a few minutes. You can then remove the boric acid with a dry cloth. 


Can You Wash A Sleep Number Mattress Top?

You can wash a Sleep Number mattress top if you’re using the Total Protection mattress pad. The company’s instructions are to wash it in the machine cold with mild detergent. You can even tumble dry it but never use bleach, dry cleaners, or even iron the pad. 

You can also wash the True Temp mattress layer and warming layer of your bed. All of them allow machine washing in cold water and mild detergent and also tumble drying. Again, you must avoid bleaching or ironing these layers. 

As for the other mattress layers, some only allow machine washing of covers, and you can only clean them by spot treatment. Be diligent in checking the care instructions of the pads and layers you have to avoid damaging them. 


What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Sleep Number Mattress?

Regular and proper cleaning will maintain and keep your Sleep Number mattress in good form for a long time. Additionally, you have to use it with care to ensure that the materials won’t get worn down easily. You can expect the bed to last up to eight years before you notice leaky chambers or foam degrading.



Sleep Number beds are essentially upgraded versions of your standard air mattresses. But you must know how to clean a Sleep Number mattress correctly to ensure that it will last long and perform well. We’ve taught you earlier how to spot clean the stains with a solution of water and detergent. 

We’ve also discussed how you can maintain and deodorize the mattress according to the specific model you have. Overall, keeping these beds clean is easy as long as you know the instructions for the particular Sleep Number mattress you have.