How To Clean A Rug With Pressure Washer? 9 Easy Steps!

How to clean a rug with pressure washer? It follows a few steps like choosing a flat and clean surface, getting the pressure washer connected to an electric and water source, attaching the pressure washer attachments, choosing the suitable spray nozzle, and spraying it in sequence.

Next, consider applying soap, using a rotary brush in spreading soap, spraying clean water to eliminate soap, and drying the rug. The pressure washer comes in a range of volume and pressure. Thus, utilize pressure at around one-thousand six-hundred to one-thousand eight hundred PSI to obtain the suitable cleaning level and no damage to the rug. Cleaning an area rug doesn’t also involve hot water. Adjust it to an average temperature and level. A soiled area rug doesn’t have to be washed indoors with its muck accumulating. So, always search for a flat and clean surface to place the area rug.

How to clean a rug with pressure washer


Pressure Washing Accessories To Prepare

Ensure the pressure washer has the needed attachments like spray tips, nozzles, interchangeable wands or lances, twistable nozzles, and more. Variable pressure is a prerequisite in using low pressure on an area rug. The rotary brush helps clean an area rug improving and safely. Buy this accessory anywhere and attach it to a conventional pressure washer supporting 3rd party accessories. Other accessory types are by brand and are also preferable. 


Steps To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

Below are the detailed steps on how to clean a rug with pressure washer:


Step #1. Choosing a flat and clean surface

Search for a suitable surface. Ensure it is clean, quickly drained, and flat. Wash an unclean area before placing the area rug above it. Make sure no bump occurs on its surface. Lay the area rug flatly on it. The ups and downs are among the potential targets for further damage brought by pressure.


Step #2. Connecting the pressure washer with electric and water source

Get the pressure washer attached to the nearest water source. Use buckets if you want as well. A consistent source of water is a requirement. Plug the water source set it on. Attach the suitable lance for various spray wands.


Step #3. Get the attachments attached to a pressure washer

Get the rotary brush attached to a spray wand if there is one. Take the pressure nozzle away. Utilize brush in the removal of dust and dirt from the rug material. Choose the proper length of an extendable lance to spray pressurized water at a distance.


Step #4. Choosing the suitable spray nozzle

Select one from the spray tips or various pressure nozzles to provide the lowest pressure and widest angles. It’s how it works in this case. The widest angle is a forty-five degrees Nozzle for the lowest pressure washing. Make sure you set the twistable nozzle at the lowest pressure level. Read the pressure noozle chart.


Step #5. Spraying following a sequence

Begin to spray water safely and analyze the material to handle pressure. Move it closer and blow off tinier particles. Eliminate them in detail. Use detergent or soap but with no chemical substances that only damage the material.


Step #6. Applying soap

Get the soap nozzle or foam cannon attached to the lance. Other pressure washers feature a detergent bottle to make things a lot easier on your case. Combine detergent and make use of it in applying on the surface. Reach across the surface as you allow the foam to trickle in.


Step #7. Using the rotary brush in spreading the soap

Get the rotary brush attached again. Utilize it in making foam denser and eliminate small particles from the area rug fibers.


Step #8. Spraying clean water in removing soap

When brushing the fibers with foam, get back to the similar spray tip with low pressure. Get it attached to the lance. Begin to spray clean water from a distance.


Step #9. Drying the rug

Drain the water from the rug properly. Allow it to drain correctly after picking it up. Dry it off and use an appliance considering the area rug material. Expect to get a spotless rug after. Keep in mind not to exceed the suggested limits of one-thousand six-hundred to one-thousand eight-hundred pounds for every square inch in pressure. Spray from a distance as you move towards an inch closer and see the way materials face the adjusted pressure.


Dos & Don’ts When You Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

Here are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind when cleaning an area rug with a pressure washer.



  • Maintain the pressure washer at a correct distance
  • Use only the suitable pressure
  • Position the pressure washer at the most appropriate surface
  • Utilize the proper cleaning and equipment solution



  • Never use detergent in excess
  • Never point a nozzle that closes
  • Never use a hot water


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean a rug with pressure washer. Prepare the needed materials and follow the detailed steps mentioned. Keep in mind the dos and don’ts of cleaning for you to get the best results eventually! Know how to clean an area rug with pressure washer and how to clean wood deck with pressure washer.

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