How to clean a moldy mattress

How to clean a moldy mattress?

Well, I think you already have an idea of what mold is. It is not only seen and found in the mattress.

How to clean a moldy mattress

Molds can grow and develop on foods that aren’t consumed in which ruins them.

But then these substances growing upon your mattresses is worse than seeing it in food.

When you see it in the food, you can identify it right away, but it is not that visible when it builds up on your mattress.

You would only notice molds on your mattress once it is already in a considerable population or number.

They exist because they spread so fast in your mattress, and when you see it, it already has signs of growth on your bed.


Steps To Clean A Moldy Mattress

Indeed it concerns how these pests can damage your mattress and your health at the same time.

Do not worry. We can still do something about it. I will not let you down on this one. Let me help you out!

You will need to follow these steps to eliminate the molds building up into your mattress.

When you noticed its existence, you should act on it fast or give them more time to spread and increase numbers.

So, how to clean a moldy mattress?


Step #1. Get the cover

Once you have noticed that your mattress has molded in it, the first thing you should do is to get off the cover.

You can at least throw it in the laundry or put it under the sun or any surface where it is hot.

These things could not survive in hot temperatures. You have to clean it all to avoid spreading the manifestation.


Step #2. Vacuum the mattress

The next thing you will be doing is grab a vacuum and make sure you are doing it right.

You have to be very mindful and thoroughly make sure that you have discarded the manifestation.

Upon doing this, you can use gloves to avoid sudden contact with the molds entering the vacuum.

After you have done this step, make sure to clean the mouth or catcher of your vacuum to avoid contamination.

It can transfer into some other places or things found in your house due to the mold’s spores.


Step #3. Rubbing alcohol and warm water

In this step, we will somehow disinfect the mattress by using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water.

You can have a cloth to pair with this but make sure that it is clean or better if you buy a new one.

Dip it in the mixture you made make sure it is wet all over. But then you should ring it hard after.

Avoid having too much liquid or moisture in the cloth because it will be a reason for more mold growth.

Press this or rub it gently around the area that has molded. Do this in a circular motion at a good pace.

In here, you will be avoiding rubbing too much because it might ruin your mattress, if ever.


Step #4. Rinse it out

Moving forward, you will rinse it but not in the way of literally rinsing it over running water.

But you get warm water and cloth again and dump them around the area where you applied them earlier.

Make sure it is dry to avoid molds build up.


Step #5. Disinfectant

The next thing you should do is grab a disinfectant to help you avoid or limit molds building up.

But then make sure that the substance is suitable for your mattress and it won’t cause damages to it.

There are many disinfectants, but it is all up to you to choose which one you prefer most.

Ensure that it is safe and is one of the most recommended and proven to be effective.

Put just enough amount of this, too, and make sure to spray it from a reasonable distance from the mattress.


Step #6. Get the moisture out

The last thing you have to do is make sure there is no moisture left on your mattress surface.

Upon cleaning it, you might have added drops of liquids. That includes the disinfectant you sprayed.

You can put it in a well-ventilated room whereas you can also place it outside.

If you do have space in your backyard in the front yard, that’s even better so that it gets sunlight touching it.

And then make sure to leave it there for enough time to dry and set. It will limit manifestation.

As long as the moisture is absorbed, you don’t have to worry that much about it.

You can always do something about it.



Alright! We are now done with our topic about “How to clean a moldy mattress?”

I hope that you have gathered something to add up to your knowledge about mattresses.

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