How To Clean A Mini-Split Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Steps!

How to clean a mini-split air conditioner? There are four steps to clean a mini-split air conditioner. You can learn these steps below. Mini-split air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular as a cooling appliance for households.

For starters, mini-split air conditioners don’t require a ventilation duct, which may be an expensive setup undertaking for homes without them. However, considering their high initial cost, most homes choose mini-split air conditioners because they are more efficient in the long term and are cheaper to maintain.

how to clean a mini-split air conditioner

As a result, the owner would encounter minimal problems in the future. It would help if you cleaned Mini-split AC regularly. Dust and particle may stack and assemble in it.

Steps To Clean A Mini Split Air Conditioner

To answer your question: how to clean a mini-split air conditioner? Here are the following steps you need to follow:


Step #1. Prepare your materials

The first thing you need to do is gather all tools needed before proceeding to the actual cleaning procedure.

You will need specific cleaning tools and materials, such as an antimicrobial cleaning solution, an air conditioner flush box, a fin brush, and a coil cleaner.

However, it depends on you on what products you would prepare. You can also use any dishwashing liquid instead of any other cleaning solution.

All of those materials mentioned are not necessary but those things I would suggest for you to use. So therefore, when you begin the operation and uncover your air conditioner, make sure you have the following:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Small brush
  • Detergent
  • Spray bottle
  • Air conditioner fin comb
  • Antimicrobial cleaning spray
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Flashlight


Step #2. Turn off your air conditioning unit

After gathering all tools, the next thing you should do is to switch down your mini-split air conditioner. Again, make sure you do not connect your air conditioner unit to any power source for safety reasons.

You may also separate a particular unit by shutting off the power in the area. Then, to guarantee your safety, cautiously disconnect it from the socket.


Step #3. Clean the exterior of your air conditioner

Examine the area around the section of the appliance which is outside your home. Remove any plants, twigs, or debris in the area around your air conditioner.

Do not forget to clean the outside of the exterior furniture with a wet cloth. To eliminate any difficult-to-clean traces of filth and dirt, please try to use a disinfectant such as dishwashing liquid.

Clear away any debris from the side panels or motor cage with a hose while still concentrating on the exterior component of your air conditioner. To find the blades, you need to open your air conditioner.

Wipe the blades with a wet towel to be careful with them. Place on a flat surface and allow to dry. Next, using an AC fin comb, clean the curved blades. The gentle fibers of the fin comb will aid in the cleaning of the fins.

Then, to eliminate any debris or clean the rest of the interior of your unit, use a vacuum cleaner. Finally, thoroughly reassemble this section of your machine.


Step #4. Clean the interior section of your air conditioner

Begin by cleaning off the interior of your mini-split air conditioner using any wet towel.  Secondly, remove the front cover of the device, which conceals two air purifiers.

Disconnect the air filters with caution and then carefully cleanse them with soap and water. You may either keep your screens air dry or rinse them thoroughly with a clean and dry towel.

To clean dirty air fins, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the particles off the fins. Make sure that your vacuum does not contact the fins as it may damage your air conditioner.

After polishing the air fins, proceed to the evaporator coils. Use a home cleaning solution with water and mild soap to wash your evaporator coils if they tend to have much dirt. Fill a plastic container halfway with the solution and sprinkle it on your evaporator coils.

After that, submerge it for a couple of seconds to ease up any sediment. You may also use a no-rinse coil cleaning, which is both simple and efficient to use.

After that, carefully wash away the filth from the coils using a clean microfiber or cloth. Finally, sprinkle the antifungal cleanser into the interior of your AC to help avoid harmful fungus from developing.

Unplug the hose that connects the interior and exterior parts of your air conditioner. It enables to empty the water pipe.

Secondly, with the help of the pressured hose, drain the remaining soap and water. This step will clear any blockages in your air conditioner tube.

Before attaching the hose, ensure to let it dry naturally for about an hour. If you prefer not to use a pressured hose, a simple trick is to combine bleach and water with soap.

Then, pour the solution into the drain. You can repeat the operation two or three times. After everything, put back all the parts. Then, turn it on to test if your air conditioner is working.



There are only four steps on how to clean your mini-split air conditioner. You only need to prepare your materials, turn off the unit, clean the exterior section, and clean the interior.

Cleaning is important to maintain the well-being of your unit. To last longer, you should take care of it. I hope I answered your question: how to clean a mini-split air conditioner? If you want to know more about air conditioners, visit this link.

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