How To Clean A Memory Foam Pillow. 2 Best Ways

If you want to learn how to clean a memory foam pillow, you need to know what to do generally and deeply. This means identifying the practices to keep your pillow clean without immediately washing it. However, you also need to know how to wash your memory foam pillow if it needs deeper cleaning. 

Perhaps you already know how to clean a shredded memory foam pillow, but solid memory foam pillows require a different approach. Pillow cleanliness is not only crucial to our health and sleep quality. More so, keeping your memory foam pillow clean will help you get the most of this unique material. 

How To Clean A Memory Foam Pillow


How To Clean Memory Foam Pillow

When learning how to clean a memory foam pillow, you need to know general and deep cleaning techniques. In either case, it would be best that you always clean your memory foam pillow on a sunny day. This way, you can ensure that the pillow dries thoroughly because dampness encourages mold growth


General cleaning

If you notice that your pillow has an odor or you spilled something on it, you can do some practices to help recover it if you don’t think it needs washing yet. Start by removing the pillow cover and put it in the washer. As for the pillow itself, here are the guidelines to remove smell and stains. 


Freshening your memory foam pillow

After you removed the pillowcase, sprinkle baking soda onto your memory foam pillow. Let it sit for an hour or longer to help absorb the odor. Then, remove the baking soda by vacuuming it. 

The baking soda should help freshen your pillow, and vacuuming it off can also eliminate any dust build-up and other allergens like pet fur on the pillow. You can do this practice weekly if necessary to keep your pillows fresh. Some people even aerate their memory foam pillows outdoors and let the sun refresh their pillow weekly as part of maintenance. 


Removing stains on your memory foam pillow

If you accidentally spilled something on your memory foam pillow and only a small part got dirty, you don’t immediately have to wash it. Use a towel to soak the liquid and keep the memory foam from absorbing it deeper. Then, dry the pillow outside thoroughly. 

What if your pillow formed stains? You can gently remove them with a cloth soaked in some gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Rub the stain in a circular motion until it’s gone and blot the area with another cloth to remove the soapy residue. 

Afterward, hang the pillow outside or put it in a room with a fan to hasten the drying process. You can also blow-dry the area with a hair blower. Remember not to place the pillow somewhere humid.


Deep cleaning

If deodorizing and removing stains is not enough to clean your memory foam pillow, perhaps it needs washing. While frequent washing is unnecessary, it’s an excellent practice to bathe your pillow now and then. It can be every six months with the pillow covers washed weekly to ensure pillow hygiene. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to check your pillow’s tag about its washing directions. Some memory foam pillows can be washed in the machine, while some are best hand-washed to avoid deforming the material. The same goes for whether you can use a dryer for drying the pillow. 


Hand-washing your memory foam pillow

Start by filling a sink with some gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Then, submerge the pillow in the solution and squeeze it to clean the inner parts. You don’t have to be harsh in handling the pillow as you might damage the foam, but you can rub the surface to clean it as well. 

Next, fill the sink with clean water to rinse off the soap on the pillow. Submerge it several times to ensure that no residue remains, but be mindful not to wring it. Finally, air-dry your pillow thoroughly or select the tumble-dry option in the dryer if the manufacturer allows. 


When To Replace A Memory Foam Pillow?

If cleaning no longer restores your pillow in its optimal state, you should replace it altogether. Depending on the pillow quality, memory foam pillows need replacement after two to three years. It can be earlier or later than these timelines, but replacing memory foam pillows after continuous use is good for ensuring sleep quality.



Keeping memory foam pillows clean is crucial for their longevity and our sleep quality. However, learning how to clean a memory foam pillow means knowing general and deep cleaning practices. You can deodorize and freshen your memory foam pillow by letting some baking soda sit on the surface and then vacuuming it off. 

You can also address spills and stains by using a towel to soak the liquid and dabbing the stain with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Then, remove the residue with another towel and let the pillow dry. On the other hand, you can check your memory foam pillow’s label if you can wash it. 

For hand-washing, soak the pillow in soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Never wring your pillow or use any harsh chemicals to prevent damaging it. Once done, you can use the heatless setting in the dryer or air-dry the pillow outside.