The Definitive Guide on How to Clean a Lazy Boy Recliner

Many people have a lazy boy recliner in their living room. These chairs are so comfortable that you might find yourself lounging on them for hours at a time.

You may even fall asleep while sitting in your chair! The downside to this is the fact that these chairs can get dirty pretty quickly if not cared for properly. This blog post will help you learn how to clean a lazy boy recliner and keep it looking new.

How to Clean a Lazy Boy Recliner


Steps for Cleaning the Lazy Boy Recliner

Step 1. Vacuum upholstery with attachment brush head (if possible) -Use gentle rubbing motions on skinned areas to remove dirt and debris, as well as stains from your lazy boy recliner using a clean cloth or paper towel -Harsh chemicals should not be used to clean the lazy boy recliner

Step 2. A little water and a gentle detergent can also be used to remove stains from your chair. Mix in just enough soap or detergent to create suds, then use this mixture on the soiled areas of the upholstery using light circular motions with a clean cloth or paper towel. The same step should be followed for fabric stains, but the suds and rubbing motions can be omitted from this process

Step 4. To remove tough spots using a dry scrubbing motion on soiled areas of your lazy boy recliner upholstery, use either a nylon brush with its bristles trimmed to half an inch (to prevent scratching) or a clean scrubbing pad.

Step 5. It is best to avoid using too much force, as this can cause the material of your lazy boy recliner upholstery to tear and fray

Step 6. If you are attempting to remove pet stains from your lazy boy recliner upholstery do not use hot water on these stains, as this is not likely to remove the stain.

Step 7. Instead of hot water for pet stains try a solution made from one cup hydrogen peroxide and two cups of warm water scrub at these soiled areas in light circular motions with a clean cloth or paper towel

Step 8. After you have finished cleaning your lazy boy recliner upholstery, put it somewhere where it can air dry before use

Step 9. As an added measure against future stains on your lazy boy recliner upholstery fabric consider purchasing a couch cover that will both protect and beautify your furniture piece while making sure that any spills are caught by the protective material.


How to Prevent Stains on Cleaned Lazy Boy Recliner Upholstery

If you have just finished cleaning your lazy boy recliner upholstery and would like to prevent future stains, consider purchasing a couch cover. The protective material will both protect against future spills and beautify the furniture piece while preventing any additional stains from being made on cleaned fabric.

To avoid having stains in the first place when it comes to pets, make sure they are clean before using their new favorite spot for resting with an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover or Simple Solution Pet Urine Eliminator which work by breaking down organic compounds that cause bad odors.


How to Care for Lazy Boy Recliner

Leather: The leather of the lazy boy recliner is also prone to stains and should be cleaned regularly. To clean a lazy boy recliner’s leather, mix warm water with dish soap in a bucket or container large enough to fit your furniture piece. Dip a cloth into this solution and gently rub it against the surface until all of the dirt has been removed from its delicate skin.

To protect against future spills as well, consider purchasing an ottoman slipcover that will cover up any dirty areas that are not covered by carpeting or rug material if you’re looking for something more decorative than functional.

If you have a removable headrest, simply unzip it from the chair and pull it out. If not, the entire back cushion can be removed with enough care to avoid any wrinkles in other parts of your recliner.

At this point in cleaning your lazy boy recliner’s upholstery, there are three different options for how best to proceed: using cold water (or steam), hot water, or soap & water on both vinyl and fabric materials; we’ll go over each one separately starting with dry cleaners first.

Removing spots or stains will often determine which type of cleaner is used to choose what will work based on where they’re located. For example, those found near structural areas like joints should use cold or warm tap water with a little dishwashing soap.

On vinyl surfaces, simply use warm water and liquid dish detergent to clean away marks or spills without leaving behind any residue that could damage your furniture’s finish. Fabric upholstery has its own set of housekeeping requirements too so make sure to read on for how best to take care of it.


Best Upholstery Material for Lazy Boy Recliner

Vinyl or leather are the most common materials used for upholstery in lazy boy recliners. While each has its own positives and negatives, vinyl is easier to clean than leather because it does not absorb liquids easily as a natural material would.

Another consideration when deciding which type of fabric you want on your lazy boy recliner is how much skin contact you have with that area; if it’s constantly near your body, choose a more breathable option like cotton so that there isn’t any moisture buildup over time.

The lumbar cushion found at the back of some models can be removed for cleaning by unzipping the cushions from their frames then pulling them out through one end while holding onto both pieces firmly.

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