How To Clean A Feather Blanket Effectively: 4 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to clean a feather blanket? Here, we’ll talk about simple steps that are perfect for beginners. While we’re at it, let’s also check some descriptions and uses of the feather blankets.

Feather blankets are made with either feather or down. You can pluck the feathers from a bird’s back and wings, while down is found beneath the feathers. In comparison, feathers are stiffer, last shorter, and cheaper than down.

how to clean a feather blanket

Feather blankets are preferred by most since they are lightweight and bulky. It also efficiently customizes itself to the user’s body shape and provides quality sleep. If you have one, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to clean such a unique material.


Easy-Made Steps For Cleaning Your Feather Blanket

Feathers will readily clump together when they get wet. This may seem tricky at first; some would even panic when they witness it for the first time. However, let’s break it down into these easy steps.


Step #1. Find a front-load washing machine

Top-loading washing machines have a high tendency to damage the blanket due to the gears and cleaning mechanism used, so you should avoid them. We suggest you look for local shops if you don’t have a front-load version. The tumbling action used for washing in these versions is going to keep your item safe.

It would also help if you also looked for laundry shops that have large washing machines. You wouldn’t want your blanket to get a partial wash since the blanket is already bulky to begin with. It’s preferable to pick a machine with a volume capacity that’s a bit higher than the blanket.


Step #2. Load the blanket to the washing machine

Before getting the blanket wet, check it first for stubborn stains. You can do this beforehand at home if you’re going to a laundry shop. Remember where the stains are so you can check later on if they were all removed.

Place your blanket inside the washing machine bit by bit, then place some gentle detergent on its spot. While it would be suitable for the blanket’s cover to get some fabric conditioning, it is not advisable for feathers. It can damage the natural substance and oils that give them their fluff.

Press the washing cycle of the machine. It’s always better to use a gentle cycle for your blanket.


Step #3. Machine rinsing

After the machine has finished the washing cycle, you need to press the rinse cycle next. Most washing machines do this transition automatically. However, you need to subject your blanket to the rinsing process at least twice.

The machine will also take most of the rinsing water off the blanket before drying. Don’t worry if your blanket looks lumpy and deformed, as it should return to its previous state after drying.


Step #4. Drying

A blanket subjected to front-load machine rinsing will have most of its water drained because of the spin-dry process. For full drying, most of these machines also have dryers.

You can use a heat drying process for the feather blanket. Of course, you must first check the care tag of your blanket if it’s allowed for heat contact. This is important because some feather blankets suffer from shrinkage.

Heat drying should be done with low heat. If your machine doesn’t have a low-heat setting, you can dry your feather blanket naturally. Lay it in a spot with a lot of sunshine, but avoid hanging it on a clothesline.

After the blanket has completely dried, you can take it in for folding. Your blanket should return to its original fluff and bulkiness after drying. In case some stains remain, you can remove them by yourself or send the blanket to a professional laundry service.


Is it safe to wash feather blankets?

It’s okay to wash your feather blankets as long as you check and follow the instructions provided with its tag. Feathers can be sensitive to bleach and some types of detergent. You should also limit how often the blanket gets washed.

Some manufacturers recommend washing their blankets only once a year. This frequency will lengthen if you cover your blanket for extra protection. Doing so will lower the risk of getting your feathers damaged as they are organic and sensitive.


Is dry cleaning safer than washing for feather blankets?

While dry cleaning virtually removes the chance of getting your blanket shrunken, it exposes it to other risks. Since dry cleaning is done with active and strong chemicals, it can affect the feathers. Some of these can dissolve the protective layers of oils in the feathers.

Though most dry cleaners know how to deal with these kinds of fabrics, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer for safety. It’s also helpful to visit a shop with expertise and sufficient experience dealing with feathers. Asking that first on your visit will definitely give you peace of mind.



We kept our instructions on how to clean a feather blanket as simple as possible. It should allow you to be able to do the cleaning by yourself at home. Just follow your blanket’s guide, and you’ll do a perfect job.