How To Clean A Concrete Driveway Without A Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean a concrete driveway without a pressure washer? These six amazing steps will help you to clean them properly. You might not be a professional cleaner, but you can do it! Believe in yourself! Get those molds away from your concrete driveway. 

Driveway is essential for the people who have a car or vehicles. Most usually use the driveway as an indoor parking space for guests or personal use. In addition, some people also prefer cleaning cars on the driveway, as it is located outdoor and has a free space. 

how to clean a concrete driveway without a pressure washer

And, over time, mildews and mold will exist on the surface of the concrete driveway. Most house owners don’t install roofs to their concrete driveways, so they are often wet by the rain and prone to algae, molds, and mildews. They are slippery and should remove to avoid unwanted incidents. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Steps To Clean Your Concrete Driveway 

Cleaning is the maintenance of house owner should always take note, as it will beautify the house, maintaining the performance and quality of our fences, decks, patios, and concrete driveways. Before jumping in the steps, prepare your cleaning gloves, brush, and outdoor cleaner. The cleaning gloves protect your hands from the adverse effect of outdoor cleaning, as your skin may be sensitive to cleaning agents. You can also use a sprayer to distribute your cleaner to the surface.

Aside from that, it is also essential to choose a perfect day for the cleaning. A cool or overcast day will do. So, if you do not know yet how to clean your concrete patio without a pressure washer, continue reading the article and following the steps that will guide you on how to clean a concrete driveway without a pressure washer correctly.


Step #1. Prepare outdoor cleaner

You can use a bottle or plastic sprayer to apply your outdoor cleaner. Before that, let us prepare your outdoor cleaner. Turn the bottle locks, pour the outdoor cleaner on the bottle, and mix it with water. Some outdoor cleaners have a measurable lid wherein you have to measure the amount you have to pour on the bottle and how much water it needs. You can choose an environmentally friendly outdoor cleaner if you have plants near your concrete driveway. But, if you have no bottle or plastic sprays at home, you can mix the outdoor cleaner on a pail.


Step #2. Saturate the surface

The surface is our primary goal. Saturate the surface. Soak the concrete surface until it doesn’t absorb the water. You can use a garden hose or a pail to wet the surface. 


Step #3. Apply the cleaner

Apply the cleaner thoroughly using your spray. If you have no sprayer at home, you can apply it carefully using a dipper. Gradually spread the solution to the concrete surface.


Step #4. Leave cleaner 

Leave the cleaner on the surface for at least ten minutes, but take note that there are outdoor cleaners that need more time to soften all the dirt, mold, and mildews. Please, look at the packaging of your outdoor cleaner for better cleaning effects. If there are kids on your lawn or playing outdoor, remind them not to come near the concrete surface as it is slippery to prevent accidents. 


Step #5. Scrub the surface

After letting your cleaning solution sit for a few minutes, try to scrub off the dirt, mildews, or molds on the surface. You can use a soft or hand brush to scrub. Always focus on the areas that have hard stains and scrub them off. You can also apply for another batch of a cleaner if you like. 


Step #6. Rinse the surface 

You can proceed to the last step if you’re satisfied scrubbing off the dirt and others to your concrete driveway. It is more convenient to use a garden hose to rinse off the cleaner and the specks of dirt. If your garden hose has a nozzle, you can adjust it to higher or medium pressure. It will also help you push the grime away. You may also want to read about best pressure washer detergents.


Why Is Cleaning Concrete Driveway Better Without A Pressure Washer?

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a pressure washer. Washers are a good cleaner on stains on woods and concrete. Some pressure washers have a soap dispenser, and applying cleaner is quicker than spraying. But, washers have a high pressure that can also damage these surfaces. Every time you use the washer, it may break the concrete little by little or leave streaks on a concrete surface. Due to unfavorable circumstances that might happen to the concrete surface by the pressure washer, most of the individuals that have no experience of using the washer prefer to clean outdoors without it.  


It’s A Wrap!

Cleaning your concrete driveway at home won’t be a hassle anymore. With the help of the steps of how to clean a concrete driveway without a pressure washer, you don’t need to buy or rent washers to wash out those algae, mold, and mildews! By following the steps I have mentioned above, you will be able to clean your concrete driveway at home.  If you also have a concrete patio, you can clean it by applying the same steps. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to store pressure washers and why is my pressure washer surging.

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