How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair: 6 Easy Home DIY Steps

You’ll want to sit while working from home comfortably. In this case, you might think about how to clean a cloth office chair.

What you need usually depends on the kind of fabric your chair uses, and sometimes it can simply comprise dish soap and water. Let’s go over the specifics.


how to clean a cloth office chair

Cleaning Your Cloth Office Chair

Here is a basic step-by-step guide on cleaning your office chair.


Step #1: Know the code

Before you get into it, you should know your chair’s cleaning code. The codes are there because cloth office chairs vary in the material each one uses. The difference in material warrants different cleaning instructions that depend on each type.

You can find the code along with any other cleaning instructions on the chair’s upholstery tag somewhere under the chair. If you don’t see an upholstery tag, you can find the cleaning guidelines in the chair’s manual.

The cleaning code will appear in any of the following letters.

  • W – This means you can clean the chair with water-based products. This code is the most common among cloth office chairs. You can use dish soap and water in this case.
  • S – This means you should only clean your chair with water-free solvents. Using anything water-based may damage the material.
  • SW or S/W – This means that you can use either water-based products or solvents.
  • X – This means that you can clean your chair with a vacuum cleaner only. You might still need to treat stains and be very gentle when doing so.

Once you know the code for your chair, you can start getting rid of any dust or loose debris.


Step #2: Vacuum the chair

You’ll want to start removing anything that settles on the chair. Use a brush attachment and gently run over the fabric surface. Make sure to set it on low suction to avoid potential damage.

It’s advisable to vacuum regularly to lengthen the durability of the chair.


Step #3: Find a test spot

Regardless of the kind of product your cleaning code demands, the instructions for this step still apply nonetheless. You need to make sure the kind of product you use won’t leave a permanent, discolored mark on the chair. Look for a spot on the chair (let’s say underneath) and apply the product to your test spot.

After letting it dry, check if there are any noticeable changes. If the color or texture seems intact, you can start using it on the rest of the chair.


Step #4: Scrub the chair

With a spare cloth or sponge, you can apply the product and wipe the chair’s surface. Try not to rub too hard.

If you’re only trying to treat stains, you only have to blot gently rather than scrubbing at the spot. Here’s a tip: if you spill anything on the chair, use a rag or paper towel immediately. Blotting at the fresh stain will prevent the substance in question from sinking into the fabric.


Step #5: Clean the wheels

Aside from the material comprising the seat and backrest, you have to make sure each part of the chair is clean. The wheels are an excellent next step.

First, unscrew the wheels if there are any. With a long object, such as a butter knife, scrape out any debris such as dust, hair, or anything else solid from the wheels. You may even use the vacuum to suck out anything excess.

Next, wipe the wheels with a damp cloth. It’s no doubt that despite being easier to clean, the wheels are perhaps the dirtiest part. A few drops of dish soap may be of good help at this part.

After wiping, find another clean cloth or a paper towel to dry. As an optional tip, if you have any lubricant such as WD-40, you can spray a small amount on the wheels before screwing them back. Doing this regularly (say, every six months) will add convenience as you move around in the chair.


Step #6: Wipe the arms and legs

Again, with a damp cloth, wipe the arms and legs clean. You may need a few drops of dish soap again for any tough stains that might be present. Cleaning the arms and legs may be the easiest part of the cleaning process.

There you have it! Your newly cleaned office chair will now make sitting down for any task more comfortable. Plus, a comfortable position can yield better productivity until the next time it needs cleaning.



As you noticed earlier, most of the heavy lifting comes from cleaning the material on the seat and backrest. Now that you’ve gone through the process, it seems easier to clean your chair.

All in all, cleaning your office chair is a pretty good place to start when maintaining the cleanliness of your work surroundings. As such, a clutter-free office or work area can begin with knowing how to clean a cloth office chair. It’s a quick task and may help provide the will and motivation to keep the rest of your workspace tidy.

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