How To Clean A Car With A Pressure Washer? 6 Best Tips!

o you want to know how to clean a car with a pressure washer? Learn how to use a pressure washer in cleaning a vehicle properly. Through this article, you will learn tips and guides to prevent damaging your car.

It does not matter if you don’t know how to clean your car with a pressure washer, as others say you can learn everything. Washing it yourself is much better than paying other persons to clean it. As you can see, some offer low-quality services, and you won’t be satisfied with how they will handle your car.

how to clean a car with a pressure washer

So, most car owners prefer to clean t at home. Aside from not paying service fees in the carwash, it is also more tidied. To make your car look great and neat, you’ll have to apply these simple steps and tips that I have complied for your cleaning.


Tips To Clean A Car With A Pressure Washer

Before you start cleaning, these tips will help you clean the car in the easiest and most accurate ways. Tips are proven and tested by experienced individuals while washing a car. These tips are essential to ensure the safest techniques you’ll need in the whole process and learning how to clean a car with a pressure washer go smoothly. Note that some vehicles are sensitive to cleaning solutions. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will help you determine the proper way to clean a specific car. 


Tip #1. Set the pressure washer

Nozzle plays a vital role in your pressure washer. An incorrect nozzle will likely damage the surface or coating of your car. Use an appropriate nozzle to ensure that the pressure of the water won’t damage the vehicle’s exterior. Following the proper setting of the pressure washer ables you to save time and avoid creating damages. 


Tip #2. Place the car on a concrete surface

Place your car on a concrete surface to avoid repeating the process. Suppose you put your vehicle on the soil. Then the water from the washer points to the surface. Your car will be messy, and you will be exhausted. Placing it on a concrete surface or asphalt will protect it from splatter.


Tip #3. Be careful the engine

Engines are one of the crucial parts of the car. Some machines have holes towards the center, and there’s a possibility that the water will run inside the engine, which can cause damage.  Though the majority of the modern cars’ engines are safe to be splashed by water, if you don’t know if your vehicle has the capability of dealing with water, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Steps To Clean A Car With A Pressure Washer

To avoid damaging your car by washing it with a pressure washer, use the proper cleaning steps. Read the step-by-step guide carefully. A pressure washer can be dangerous, as pressured water can cause bodily injuries. 


Step #1. Rinse the car with water

Connect the garden hose to the garden hose inlet on the pressure washer. Turn on the water supply (garden hose), then switch on the washer. Rinse the car with water with a spray gun. Note that keeping your distance is a must. Rinsing the car with a washer will help you remove dust, dirt, and grime from your vehicle. Cars can be very dirty or dusty, cleaning them will help you maintain your car’s appearance. Here’s how to wash a car with a pressure washer


Step #2. Prepare cleaning solution

You can purchase several cleaning products in stores, but detergent and soap are mostly clean the car’s exterior. Pour the detergent into a pail, mix the powder with water. Some pressure washer comes with a soap dispenser. If your washer supports this, fill the dispenser with the mixture or car soap liquid.  If the pressure washer doesn’t have a soap dispenser, try to look at the bottom of the machine and check for a soap’s hose. Connect the hose to the bucket or pail that has soap or detergent. Know which pressure washer nozzle for car too. 


Step #3. Apply cleaning solution

Check the nozzle of the spray gun. If you think you are good to go, turn on the pressure washer then, apply the detergent thoroughly.  Remember that you must keep your distance from the car while using the washer. The closer the washer, the higher the pressure. 


Step #4. Let it sit 

To soften the dirt in the car, leave the detergent for a few minutes. But if you are using different cleaning agents, try to check the packaging’s back label for the time it needs.  Let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes will help you remove the hard stains.


Step #5. Scrub car’s surface

Some stains are hard to remove.  You can use a car brush to scrub the areas. For the sensitive part, you can use a cloth or a sponge.


Step #6. Rinse off 

Rinse the car with water by using a pressure washer. Get your garden hose and connect it to the respective inlet. Turn on the pressure washer and pull the trigger towards you. Pulling the trigger towards you allows the water to get through. Rinse off all the remaining car cleaner that you applied previously. If you leave some detergent on the car’s surface, it will cause white dots or patches. Prevent yourself from repeating the process. Make sure you flash them out. 


It’s  A Wrap!

Cleaning cars with a pressure washer is hard, but applying techniques and tips will help you achieve your goal of discovering how to clean a car with a pressure washer. Why would you choose to pay carwash shops when you can clean it yourself. In addition, washing your car will help you determine the correct ways to maintain your vehicle.

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