How To Clean A Black Enamel Stove Top? 4 Easy Steps For You!

Do you happen to own a black, elegant, glossy stove in your kitchen, and are you concerned about how to clean a black enamel stove top? Because no matter how careful you are, spills are bound to happen on the stovetop.

No need to panic; this article will guide you through the steps and some secret tricks to clean the black stovetop with care, avoiding scratches and discoloration. So, keep reading!

how to clean a black enamel stove top

The essential appliance of every kitchen is stovetops. Black appliances are preferred by many as they are low maintenance and creates a clean, sleek and modern look.

It is crucial to understand the importance of cleaning the black stovetop, as it won’t show any stains or spills even if you haven’t cleaned it in days. 

The accumulation of grease and food particle buildup will eventually take away the black stovetop’s shine. It will also affect the function of heating. If you notice the food taking a long time to heat, it’s the sign to start the cleaning.  


Steps To Clean The Black Stovetop

You can easily clean a black enamel stove top with the things you already have at home. During clean, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your appliance, including buttons, knobs, and handles. The stoves can be the harbor to the germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly. So, how to clean a black enamel stove top?


Step #1.  Switch off the appliance and remove the elements

Before you commence cleaning, make sure that the stove is completely switched off and cooled down. Then remove the metal grills, burner cap, and other removable components from the stovetop. Soak these stove parts in a mixture of warm soapy water to loosen up any grease and food particles.


Step #2. Cleaning the surface

Using a soft sponge, begin by cleaning flat areas around the burners on your black enamel stovetop. This step removes layers of junk and debris. While cleaning, make sure you are not scratching the surface of your appliance, be as gentle as you can. If you are unable to take off that stubborn grease mark, do not worry about it. You can check out here how to get rid of grease on your stove


Step#3. Use gentle cleaning solution

Make a gentle cleaning solution from the things that are already available at your home. Fill the spray bottle with your desired homemade solution and spray it on the tough stain or grease marks. Leave it for a while and wipe it away with a gentle sponge or a microfiber cloth to prevent it from scratches. 

The recipe to prepare these solutions is, given below. 


Solution of vinegar and water  

Instead of harsh chemicals, we suggest using vinegar. It is the most effective and vigorous substance use for cleaning. Vinegar is naturally acidic and breaks down the grease buildup making it easier to clear away. Take one cup of vinegar and dilute it with one cup of warm water. If you need more solutions, remember the ratio of vinegar to warm water is 1:1. Store the mixture in a bottle for later use. If I were you, read on how to clean glass stove top with baking soda


Solution of dish soap and warm water

If, you don’t have vinegar available in the house substitute it with dish soap which already contains chemicals to get rid of harsh stains. To prepare this solution, mix few drops of dish soap to warm water, the mixture is ready. It is the most effective and easy solution for a black enamel stovetop.


Baking soda

Baking soda might be slightly harsh for the stovetop, be careful and gentle while using it. Sprinkle few pinches of baking soda on the stovetop and leave it for about 5 minutes than with the help of a damp sponge, rub off the stains.


Solution of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and dish soap

This solution requires a cup of warm water, a cup of rubbing alcohol, a cup of vinegar, and 3 to 4 drops of dish soap. Pour all three mentioned liquids into a spray bottle and spray it on the stovetop. This mixture will erase fingerprints and marks from the appliance. Let it sit for a while, then softly use the towel to rub off.


Step #4. Dry it with a piece of cloth

After cleaning, let the stove dry for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you might see a streak due to cleaning. To get rid of those marks, use a fresh microfiber cloth and clean the appliance in a circular motion. If the cloth gets damp, replace it with the new dry one. It will clear off a streaky finish.


Important points to remember while cleaning black enamel stovetop

There are few things that you should avoid while cleaning the stove. Remember, do not start cleaning when the stove is still hot, as you will be risking your safety. Do not use steel wool and blaring side of sponge on the stovetop as it can leave scratches. To clean a black stove top, avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals and never use direct water. To get into details, know how to clean a black enamel stove top


The End

In the end, we recommend you clean the black enamel stove top regularly. After that, the black appliances might not need a lot of attention.

The black stovetop still gets greasy and gets even dirtier than other styles of stoves because no spills or grease are visible on them.

That’s it! You already know how to clean a black enamel stove top. Deep clean your black enamel stove at least once a week to maintain its shine and function, and you will be able to flaunt that gorgeous, sleek stovetop. For more stove-related articles, read on how to clean a ceramic stove top. Thanks for stopping by!

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