How To Clean A Bean Bag Chair: 3 Easy Steps

Considering how bean bag chairs offer many comforts, it’s only natural to want to know how to clean a bean bag chair. You can clean them by doing spot-cleaning or washing the cover.

This article will learn about the different ways to clean a bean bag chair cover depending on its type, the methods of taking care of a bean bag chair, and how to remove urine and pungent smell on your bean bag chair. We packed this article with loads of information, so read on and learn from us!


Steps In Cleaning A Bean Bag Chair


Step #1. Empty all the beans in a container

Before you start cleaning your bean bag chair, unzip your bean bag cover and place all the “beans” or pellets in a container.


Step #2. Wash the cover

Next, you can now wash the cover of the bean bag chair. There are different ways to clean them. We’ve indicated that below.

How do you clean different bean bag covers?

  • Vinyl

You have to be extra careful handling vinyl covers because you can’t hand wash or machine wash them. You can scrub them, though.

Prepare a soapy solution of soap and warm water. Then, dip a soft bristle brush in it and scrub the material with it. After cleaning it with warm soapy water, lightly wash the vinyl cover with warm water.

Afterward, dry it with a clean cloth and leave it in a place with good ventilation. Avoid drying it under direct sunlight.

  • Cotton

For cotton covers, you can put them in a washing machine and wash them through there. You cannot tumble dry these covers, though, as they bore tiny holes in the bean bag cover.

  • Suede

You have to use a suede eraser and a terry cloth for suede bean bag covers and lightly brush the fabric. Do this regularly, about once a week or every two weeks. To give the material additional protection, spray suede protecting spray on it.

  • Velvet

Velvet bean bag covers are relatively easy to clean. Make a soapy solution with warm water and mild soap. Then, dampen a cloth and do spot cleaning on the velvet cover.

  • Leather

For leather bean bag covers, you only have to dust them regularly. You can use a leather cleaner or a leather conditioner, too!

  • Plush

Plush bean bag chairs are a kid’s favorite, so they are likely to get dirtier than other types of bean bag chairs. To clean it, you can use a damp cloth or a vacuum to get rid of the dirt.


Step #3. Dry the bean bag covers

After washing the bean bag chair covers, air-dry them. Do not tumble dry them under any circumstances.


Easy ways to take care of your bean bag chair

Considering how we carefully clean our bean bag chairs, it may be a good idea to prevent it from garnering other dirt or damage. Here are ways to prevent further dirt/damage on bean bag chairs.


Be wary of sharp objects

Bean bags cannot be torn as they contain pellets. If they pull, it’ll be challenging to maintain their shape.


Keep the dust away

Dust accumulation is a cause of concern for bean bag chair owners because it may be an allergen. It may also contribute to the smell of the bean bag chair.


Do not iron

Considering how most covers are delicate, ironing them may damage the material.


How do you clean urine out of a bean bag chair?


Step #1. Beads and absorption

First, you have to figure out what kind of fillings your bean bag chair has. This is to know how much of the urine it has absorbed.


Step #2. Blot

Blot the area gently with a paper towel. This is to absorb the excess urine.


Step #3. Enzymatic cleaner

Using an enzymatic cleaner would get rid of the urine smell at a molecular level. If you do not have an enzymatic cleaner, you can use vinegar. Make sure to dilute it before application.

Lastly, you can choose to vacuum the bean bag to remove excess liquid.


How do you get rid of the smell of a bean bag?

Aside from washing the covers, the beans may be exposed to foul odor if left alone. In this situation, you can opt to:

  • Place the fillings in a bin and air them out for several days.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the fillings and toss or shake them around
  • Place them with sachets of odor-absorbing materials (e.g., coffee grounds) and mix them together in a bin.

You cannot wash bean bag chair fillings even when they smell terrible. Although, you can do the above tips to help remove the pungent smell from bean bag chairs.



After reading this article, you are guaranteed to know how to clean a bean bag chair. You are also expected to know how to take care of bean bag chairs and how to get rid of urine and other pungent smells on your precious bean bag. We hope you’ve learned plenty and will be able to apply your knowledge soon!

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