How To Clean A Bamboo Pillow. 3 Best Techniques

You can quickly learn how to clean a bamboo pillow by understanding how to spot clean, wash, and dry it. You must take care of your bamboo pillow to ensure that it will last long and won’t lose its structure. But like any pillow material, keeping the bamboo pillow clean requires diligence, and this article should guide you in doing it correctly.

Besides fluffing it, cleaning should always be a part of your bamboo pillow maintenance. However, it’s not similar to other pillow stuffings that can handle some cleaners and rough cleaning. You can also read below on how to spot clean your bamboo pillow for quick removal of dirt and stains. 


How To Clean A Bamboo Pillow: Everything You Need To Know For Spot Cleaning, Washing, And Drying


Spot cleaning

Like most pillows, it’s a better idea to learn how to spot clean a bamboo pillow first before immediately washing it. This could be a more frequent practice since washing should only be for a deep cleaning every once in a while. But since bamboo pillows vary in materials they use, you have to be aware of the cleaning methods you can do.

This means that some manufacturers use bamboo textile for their cover and another type of material for the pillow stuffing. However, you may also find bamboo pillows with another material for the pillowcase and bamboo fiber for the stuffing. Meanwhile, an all-bamboo pillow will only use bamboo both for the cover and filling. 


Stain and spill removal

It’s best to read the manufacturer’s recommendations beforehand, but generally, you can spot clean most bamboo pillows using some gentle detergent and warm water. Rub the area gently with a towel until the stain is gone, and let it set for 15 minutes before wiping with a moist cloth to remove the soap. You don’t need to submerge the pillow in water to rinse, but make sure to let it dry thoroughly. 

If you spilled something on the bamboo pillow and think it doesn’t require washing, you can use a sponge to soak up the liquid. After you have removed the spill, repeat the same stain removal process, and let the pillow dry thoroughly before use. Finally, you can give your pillow a few shakes or vacuum the surface if you want to get rid of dust and particles that accumulated.




By hand

Washing a bamboo pillow by hand is no different when washing other pillow types. What this means is always to use a gentle detergent, warm water, and never bleach. You also want to avoid wringing or twisting your bamboo pillow when washing it, as this can damage its form. 

Start by submerging your pillow in a tub of water until it’s soaked completely. Then, pour some gentle detergent on the pillow’s surface and rub it all over the pillow. Gently massage the pillow to ensure that the detergent also seeps inside. 

You can rinse the pillow by gently squeezing and submerging it in clean water. You want to remove all the suds and continue to run the pillow under moving water until no residue remains. The emphasis is necessary on handling the pillow gently.


By machine

As mentioned earlier, you want to check your pillow’s label to know the methods and materials recommended for it when cleaning. Not all bamboo pillows are meant to go in the washer, but only put them in the gentle cycle with a mild detergent if they do. 

It’s also best to add some towels in the machine to accompany the pillow but only use similar colors to avoid staining. Some brands also recommend placing the pillow in a laundry bag before running the cycle to protect it further. However, always check if you can only wash the pillow cover to avoid damaging the pillow stuffing.



The final technique that you must learn in cleaning a bamboo pillow is how to dry it correctly. It might sound repetitive at this point, but you must check your pillow’s label if the manufacturer recommends using a dryer. If this is the case, place it inside with tennis balls to help soften the pillow and select the lowest setting as high heat might damage the pillow. 

If your bamboo pillow can’t go in the dryer, it’s best to hang it on a washing line in a bright and sunny area. You can also place the pillow indoors somewhere with good air circulation, but always check if the pillow dries completely. It would be best if you always allowed the bamboo pillow to dry thoroughly to avoid encouraging fungal growth



We must know how to maintain our bamboo pillows for hygiene and encourage their longevity. You can quickly understand how to clean a bamboo pillow by spot cleaning, washing, and drying it correctly. For spot cleaning, use some mild soap and water to scrub a specific area before drying it with another cloth. 

However, we’ll need to clean our bamboo pillows deep occasionally, and you can do this by hand or machine washing. Always check your pillow’s label if you can wash it in the machine or if you can only wash the pillow cover. After putting it in the gentle cycle, you can dry the pillow either by hanging it outdoors or via a dryer if the manufacturer allows.