How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Body Type

There are two factors for you to learn how to choose the best mattress for your body type. In this article, we’ll go through selecting the perfect bed using the sleeper’s weight and height and even their body shape. Are you also interested in knowing which mattress is best for sleeping?

That separate mattress buying guide also includes your body type as one of the factors to ensure that you’ll get the best bed for sleeping. However, two other factors are also worth discussing, so please check that article as well.

how to choose the best mattress for your body type


What Is The Best Mattress For Your Body Type?


Weight and height

The sleeper’s weight and height are crucial considerations when selecting a mattress. For example, lightweight individuals under 130 pounds can feel more comfortable in a soft mattress because firm beds can feel too stiff for their comfort. On the contrary, heavier individuals at 130 pounds or more must use a firm bed to support them since soft beds can sink them deeply. 

The sleeper’s height is also influential in knowing what mattress to get because it should be long enough to keep them comfortable. You don’t want your legs to dangle at the edge of the bed, which means it’s better to get a lengthy mattress such as a California king bed. So if you constantly find yourself in a mattress with insufficient length, here are the best Cal king beds in the market


Body shape

Buyers are usually familiar with including their weight and height into considerations during mattress shopping. But did you know that your body shape is also crucial in getting the best mattress? You must know your body shape not just when buying a new bed, but body shape also reveals something about your general health. 

Identify your body shape, whether it is the hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, or square if you’re a woman, or circle, inverted triangle, or square if you’re a man. You can then easily imagine what support from the mattress material and firmness is ideal for keeping your whole body comfortable and painless. However, certain body regions may need more pressure relief, especially when you account for your sleeping position with your body shape.


How Do You Know What Kind Of Mattress Your Body Needs?


What is your sleeping position?

After knowing the best mattress for your body type, determine your sleeping position, whether it’s on your back, side, stomach, or a combination of various positions. Back sleeping is the most recommended position since it’s natural to the spine, and you can opt for a medium-firm mattress to prevent gaps on the curves of your back. On the other hand, side sleeping can feel more comfortable, but you need softer beds to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. 

And as for stomach sleeping, it’s much better to try another sleeping position because it puts your body at an awkward angle. You can use a thin and very firm bed, but you still risk stressing various body points. Finally, if you’re still unsure what mattress to get, most sleeping positions should be compatible with a medium-firm bed


Do you have medical conditions?

Listen to your body if you feel discomfort and pain. You may often wake up with back pain, so you must know which mattress benefits back pain sufferers. It would be best to consult your healthcare provider because some medical conditions require a unique bed. 

For example, people who spend extended periods in bed should use special mattresses that won’t lead to bedsores. Another medical condition is allergies, so you must ensure that your bed is hypoallergenic to avoid irritations and complications. Check the healthiest mattress materials that won’t trigger skin irritations or asthma. 


Do Fat People Need Special Mattresses?

Fat people can’t use any mattress because they risk losing good support if the bed sags easily or collapses under pressure quickly. When we search for the best mattress for obese people, we found out that some manufacturers specifically designed beds to withstand the demand of heavier individuals. They are usually made from high-density foam, and the overall mattress is composed of layers that won’t get deformed as easily.


Do Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Mattresses have a weight limit, and most beds in the market can only support up to 250 pounds. This means that if two people are using the mattress, their combined weight should only be 250 pounds. This is also why some mattress brands have so-called plus beds specially designed for overweight sleepers. 

Another reason why you must know your bed’s weight limit is if you’re using an air mattress. Remember that even the most durable air beds are prone to leaking if it’s used over the weight limit. So always check the manufacturer’s indications to avoid damaging your air mattress. 



Was this article helpful? We answered how to choose the best mattress for your body type and revealed that you must consider your weight, height, and body shape. Your sleeping position and health conditions are also crucial factors to know what mattress your body needs. 


If you have more questions about selecting the best mattress, feel free to navigate through our extensive list of mattress articles. You can also leave us a question in the comments.  

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