How To Choose A Wine Fridge? 3 Helpful Tips To Store Your Precious Wine!

Do you already know how to choose a wine fridge? Wines are stored in a special fridge designed for them, so choose the fridge with features established to keep your wines flavorful. In simple terms, you can easily choose one because it is readily available in the market. Although there are variations amongst wine fridges, the important thing is that you grab the right one. Later on, as we continue to dig deep in this article, you’ll get to know some important truths that you must note in choosing a wine fridge.

Nevertheless, our main goal to have the right fridge is to secure our goods and make them last for consumption. We want to serve our wines in their best condition, don’t we?

how to choose a wine fridge


Choose A Wine Fidge; Significant Truths About Wine Fridge

Knowing how to choose a wine fridge, if we talk about keeping the wine fresh, it doesn’t matter if you are one of the wine enthusiasts or not. It is important for both parties. So, how do you choose a wine fridge? First, consider the things written below.


#1. Getting to know wine fridge

A wine fridge is an appliance that has the power to cool wines with the needed temperature, which is a little bit warmer than the typical fridges. If you are new to this wine thing, you may or may not be aware that there are three categories of wine. We have red, white, and sparkling wines.


#2. Wine types

You must take note that a certain type of wine is stored best at a particular temperature. It means that you cannot be able to store these wines together in one fridge. Instead, you must segregate each in its rightful place if you want to taste the best wine.


Type #1. Red wine

This one is the most common wine that we have at home. You are actually fortunate if you are fond of red wines because this can be stored right in your home without even owning a wine fridge. However, you still need one if you are storing an opened red wine. In storing red wines, make sure that you keep them away from the light – especially sunlight.

Also, it would help if you had a drawer or cabinet where you can horizontally position them.


Type #2. White wine

This type of wine is best to serve if it is chilled. Set your fridge at 10 to 16 degrees Celsius if you are storing such wine. Is taste can be considered flavorful after storing them in 3 years. It is to be noted that such wines are in their best flavor if you open them during its vintage year.


Type #3. Sparkling wine

Compared to the first two wines, sparkling wine is best served at 4 degrees Celcius, which is quite cold. You must ensure to take back the cor after pouring out some wine to prevent it from spoiling.


Tips For Storing Wine

Now that we got to this point, you might be confused about what a wine fridge is. Read what is a fridge wine to understand. Regardless, we have discussed the major consideration as we deal with different types of wine, which is the temperature at which they are stored. It is time for us to learn the keys to storing them perfectly.


#1. Keep the temperature steady

This one is essential because wines may get damaged if the temperature inside your fridge is fluctuating. It will make the wine undergo expansion and contraction, which may cause the wine to push the cork out of its place or contract it, causing a seepage.

You must always ensure that the cork’s moisture is maintained so that its locking power may not dissipate. So, always check if there is something wrong with your wine fridge’s thermostat or other components that may cause a temperature fluctuation. Then, make sure to fix it right away.


#2. Keep them away from lights

Now, this is a general rule for all wines. Keeping them in the dark place is better because light – especially sunlight – can cause the wine to age prematurely. That is why the colored bottle – mostly brownish or blackish – is because it can filter out the light that enters it.

But what about the lights we have at home? Can they damage the wines? That is possible if they are exposed to them for a long period. However, a beneficial tip is to choose an incandescent light for the room where you store the wines, for it emits a lesser amount of UV radiation than the fluorescent.


#3. Avoid vibration of the storage

It is not good for wines to be subjected to vibrations. Do you know why? Vibrations may start chemical reactions that may affect the condition of your wine that will probably cause it to age very quickly. Did you know that vibrations are harmful to your wine?

This vibration may also result in the kicking up of sediments in wines of older ages that may develop a grainy flavor. However, this is not a big thing if you are just storing your wine for short periods, but still, you must do your best to keep it decent.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to choose a wine fridge. Thank you for reading up until the end of this article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated! At this point, you might want to know why your fridge gets warm sometimes. Understanding the components of your fridge and taking note of the common problems it usually faces will help you a lot in the future. That is all.

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