How To Choose A Wedding DJ: 2 Tips To Consider

Consider two tips on how to choose a wedding DJ and ensure that you’ll get the perfect person for your wedding. You will find out in more detail below why you must search for your wedding DJ early on and what questions to ask to get the music style you want for the wedding. 

If you don’t think you’ll need to hire one, you can also check this guide on how to DJ your own wedding. Remember that the DJ is essential in weddings because they help set the tone for each program’s events. 

how to choose a wedding dj


How To Choose And Find The Best DJ For Your Wedding


Tip #1. Start searching for a wedding DJ early on

  • After securing a wedding venue, it’s time to start searching for the people you’ll need for the reception’s entertainment; the wedding DJ can also be involved during the wedding ceremony as there’s music for each section (e.g., processional, exit)
  • If your wedding is during peak season, it can be hard to book a decent DJ; starting early will avoid the hassle of settling for someone you don’t like
  • You can check the available DJs within your area, ask your wedding coordinator for their recommendations, or consult other friends and family if they know a decent DJ 
  • Nowadays, professionals are utilizing social media, so you can search about DJs and check their work online
  • Check the reviews of each DJ and create a list of prospective DJs
  • Narrow down your options of DJs into two to three and consider setting a meeting with them to get a general vibe if you’d want them for your wedding 


Tip #2. Know the music style you want for your wedding

  • Before you meet up with the DJs you’re eyeing, you and your partner should have an idea of what music style you’d want for your wedding
  • It would be best to hire a DJ that has performed in many different weddings, so they already have the experience of what’s expected with such an occasion
  • Some weddings are non-traditional, so keep this in mind when discussing your wedding music with the DJ
  • It’s ideal to have a DJ that is easy to talk to rather than someone imposing their style on clients
  • Keep the crowd you’ll have in the wedding in mind so the DJ knows the genre and era of what they can play


Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ 

To further help you with your quest on how to choose a wedding DJ, here are some questions you can ask your prospects:

  1. How long have you been in the industry?
  2. How many weddings have you worked in as a DJ?
  3. How do you describe your style as a DJ?
  4. Will you be the one performing at the wedding?
  5. Have you worked with a wedding the same as ours? How was it, and what are your recommendations for this type of wedding?
  6. Are you familiar with our wedding venue?
  7. Will you be providing everything, and do you have other requests for your equipment?
  8. Do you plan on using effects? Will you bring other people with you?
  9. Are you open to suggestions and requests? Can we see a sample setlist?
  10. What is included in the package? Will you also be the wedding MC?
  11. What will you wear?
  12. Who will be responsible for setting up and breaking down the equipment?
  13. Are you prepared for malfunctions? How do you handle them?
  14. How much is your rate? Do you get paid by hours, or do you offer a package? 
  15. What are the other potential fees that you might include? Can we see a breakdown of expenses?

These are only the most important questions to ask your wedding DJ to avoid false expectations and miscommunications before, during, and after the wedding. You can note the answers to these to find those that may need extra clarifications.


What Do I Need To Know To Book A Wedding DJ?


Their setup

Clarify with your wedding DJ the setup they’ll have. Will they be providing all the needed types of equipment?

How will the DJ set their equipment up, and who is responsible for packing them after the wedding? Some venues may also provide certain types of equipment, so talk to your DJ about the items they might find at the reception. 


Their rate

The wedding DJ can get paid by the hour or have a standard package rate. You want to know their expectations, and you can also ask for the breakdown of the costs.

It would also help to tell them your budget to adjust accordingly. If the DJ is bringing other people, ask if you must pay them individually. 


Your expected songs

You need to know the songs you want to play at your wedding. Couples usually have a must-play set of songs, so be sure to tell your DJ beforehand. 

Finally, it would be best to tell the DJ your expected music for different happenings in the ceremony and reception. This includes some potential songs that are off-limits. 



And that’s it! It’s pretty easy to understand how to choose a wedding DJ by finding them early and knowing what you want. 

This will ensure that you can book someone you want and get the music you expect for your wedding. And if you don’t want to hire a separate MC if the DJ doesn’t include that service, you can check how to MC a wedding


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