How To Choose A Space Heater? 6 Best Features To Consider!

Before the winter comes around, people would ask on Google: how to choose a space heater? Since the cold air would get in the house, your electricity bills will inevitably increase. 

If there is a particular area in the house that is colder than others, may it be caused by insufficient central heating output or a drafty window, having a space heater can help you save both money and energy.

how to choose a space heater

In this post, we will provide you with a buyer who can help you make a purchase. Remember that you cannot choose just anything you want; some factors have to be considered first to ensure that the unit will suit your heating needs. 


Features To Choose A Space Heater

If you choose a space heater, you need to look for some features, including auto shut-off, thermostat, length of its power cord, timer, mobility, and remote. Let us discuss them below. 


#1. Auto shut-off

This safety feature usually comes with space heaters. When we say auto shut-off, it pertains to the feature responsible for preventing the unit from overheating and fire when misused. This will also shut down the computer automatically when it is knocked off or when something is blocking the vent. 


#2. Thermostat

Although it is not common to all space heaters, you can find out with a thermostat. This will allow you to maintain the desired temperature of the unit. 


#3. Length of its power cord

It is also essential to consider the power cord. Choose the length according to the distance of the space where you intend to place the space heater from the power outlet. It is advantageous to get a longer one since you can still use the unit even in rooms with no outlets available. With a longer cord, you can also move the space heater quickly around the area. Remember not to plug your space heater in an extension cord as it can be dangerous.  


#4. Timer

This is a typical feature that allows you to set the time of the space heater. Having a timer would be very handy when using the heater as you get to sleep. In such a case, the heater will shut off automatically when the time is over.


#5. Mobility

If you choose a heater with a handle or wheels, you move the unit quickly. This is a handy feature to keep the air heated as you move it around. 


#6. Remote

Just like other remotes, this will let you control your heater without you having to walk towards the unit. You do not need to get up to turn off your heater at night and control it while staying warm in the bed. 


Types Of Space Heaters

Here are the types of space heater:


#1. Personal heaters

This type of heater is generally portable and compact. With this, you can quickly warm up your small space. You can make your room comfortable and warn within 10 minutes. Its design will also allow you to place the heater sitting onto the floor, nightstand, or table.


#2. Room heaters

A room heater is a unit tailored for those who want to save space. This comes in a box shape and can heat the entire room adequately. You can place a room heater into the corner of the room. Typically, a fan comes with it to spread the warmth throughout the space. 


#3. Outdoor heaters

This type of heater usually runs on gas. You can keep the party going outdoors even on a cold winter night with an outdoor heater. You can choose from two options, including portable propane and wall-mounted. A portable heater can keep your patio warm as you eat dinner. On the other hand, a wall-mounted heater needs a gas connection line which requires professional installation.


Fuel Types Of Space Heaters

Space heaters can either run on electricity or gas. You should find out which fuel type is more efficient than the other and ideal to use at home. Let us discuss them below.


#1. Electric heaters

An electric space heater can convert electricity to heat. Before you make a purchase, ensure that there is an accessible outlet. If you want your heater to be cost-effective, you should consider the amount of wattage it can consume.


#2. Gas heaters

A gas space heater requires a source of ignition and gas hookup. Some of this includes an electrical starter or a match. Since it is heating the surrounding air, it will ensure that the warm air will linger longer than when you use electric heaters. Primarily, a gas heater is for outdoor usage. As such, the party can keep going all night after the sun has set. This is an ideal way to keep the patio warm. Specifically, a wall-mounted gas heater is perfect as the leaves start to fall. A portable version is also available. You can take this mobile heater anywhere you want to heat. 


It’s A Wrap!

You cannot just get a heater when you want to ensure your warmth. It is essential that you know how to choose a space heater to ensure that you will get an efficient and reliable unit that fits your need. Click on these links to read related articles; know how many amps does a space heater use and how many watts is a space heater.

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