How To Choose A Sofa Color? 3 Best Secrets To Learn

It’s not hard to learn how to choose a sofa color when you consider three factors. This article will teach you how the setting, color palette, and personal lifestyle will help you decide on your sofa color. We will also talk about the trends and if you must get something light or dark.

If you’re interested in other interior design tips, check this article on how to decorate a sofa table behind a couch. Your sofa color is only the first consideration because the other furniture pieces in the room are also as influential. So without further ado, let’s simplify the process of selecting the couch color. 

How To Choose A Sofa Color


Which Color Is Best For A Sofa?


Consider the setting

It’s easy to choose a sofa color by keeping the existing decor in the room in mind. Use the palette you already have in the area where you’ll put the sofa. The current palette will determine what color will complement them to skip the guesswork.

You don’t need to be an artist or an interior designer to find complementary colors that will indeed work together. The color wheel is a simple tool to mix and match colors, or you can follow the same color family as the room’s palette. If you have warm decors, a warm-colored sofa will work. 

Besides the interior decor, imagine the exact location of the sofa and if it will work with a specific color. For example, a couch that is near the window that shows greens outdoors can match the plants. If the sofa is around relaxing items, then you must avoid vivid colors. 


Neutral vs bold

After you considered the existing decor and location for the sofa, it should be easy to come up with different colors to choose from. You might end up with bold and neutral colors, which can be overwhelming. However, you only need to remember if you want the sofa to pop out or to complement the other living room furniture. 

Bold colors will work well if you want to add life to an otherwise dull-looking room. But if you don’t want to make the space look too overwhelming, it’s always safe to go with neutral and light colors. Do note that you can always enhance the sofa with other items on or near it, as seen in this article for what color goes with brown leather sofa.


Think about your lifestyle

The final factor to consider when selecting a sofa color is your lifestyle. Some colors are easier to maintain than others, depending on the user. A white-colored couch might look enticing in the showroom, but it’s something to avoid if you have pets or children that might get it dirty quickly. 

Those who have people over often should also use colors and materials for the sofa that can withstand wear and tear. Some shades even fade easily when exposed to different elements. Still, you can get your light-colored couch if you know you can clean and maintain it regularly. 


Should I Get A Dark Or Light Couch?

Other than the colors themselves, you have to remember that the shades can either be light or dark. Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your room. Of course, mentioning the lifestyle is self-explanatory, and you must get a dark-colored couch if you can’t regularly clean something light-colored consistently. 


Light-colored sofa

Once you get the lifestyle out of the factors to consider, what other challenges can you experience with light shades for couches? There is nothing wrong with going with a neutral-themed room, but it can end up looking dull if overdone. But if you want to create a spacious look, then going with light colors is the secret. 


Dark-colored sofa

Dark couches will make them the focal point of the room. You can make their color pop even more by using a light-colored rug or floor underneath. However, those who live in hot climates might be better off with cooler tones to make the area refreshing. 


Trending Sofa Colors

If you want to know what sofa colors are in style for this year, they include shades that will remind you of nature. Colors that range from blue, green, beige to even rust are in, especially those with earthy tones. Warm and radiant colors are also trendy if you want a bold sofa. 


How Many Colors Should You Have In A Room?

The best technique to know how many colors to have in the room is the 60-30-10 rule. The main color will make up 60% of the room, followed by the secondary color comprising 30%, and your accent color will use the next 10%. Sofas will generally follow the 60% because they are large, while the secondary colors are other supportive furniture and the remaining 10% for your decors. 



It can be overwhelming to select the couch style to have in your room. One of the most common questions to wonder is how to choose a sofa color in the seemingly endless numbers of tones and shades available. Therefore, we have simplified the process for you to guarantee that you’ll land the best color. 

You only need to consider the setting, color palette, and your lifestyle. The setting is the existing decor and where you’ll place the sofa. The palette means identifying if you must go with neutral or bold. And finally, your lifestyle can affect what sofa color is easier to maintain.