How To Check Timer On Kenmore Dryer? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to check timer on Kenmore dryer? Stop wondering and start reading this article; there are a few steps that you can follow in a breeze.

A Kenmore dryer’s timer increases the drying sessions. It is vital to check the timer if the dryer appears to be taking too long.

To reach the Kenmore dryer timer, you must first detach the control panel. If you need a new dryer timer, you may get one from an equipment repair shop. Using an ohmmeter or a multi-tester is best to assess a dryer timer. This sort of equipment determines if a part is defective by measuring its resistance, But you need to follow simple steps to check the timer on the Kenmore dryer. So keep reading and discover more.


Steps To Check Timer On Kenmore Dryer

How to check timer on Kenmore dryer? The timer controller maintains track of how long your drying processes should work whenever you operate the dryer. Whereas most modern dryers have auto shutdowns whenever the chamber air reaches a specified temperature, devices still need to be performed by a timer motor. The timer motor on a dryer does not go faulty quite often, but understanding how and where to test it can help you check it out as the cause of the dryer’s problem. Here’s how to check timer on the Kenmore dryer.


Step #1. Disconnect the power supply

Disconnect the Kenmore dryer’s power supply from the dryer’s socket. Locate and unscrew the mounting bolts that secure the control panel to the dryer’s lid. On either side of the board, the bolts are located on the front end caps. Using a head screwdriver, remove the screws. Remove the front of the control panel from the dryer top and roll it back towards the dryer’s rear.


Step #2. Remove the cables

Find the cables that supply electricity to the dryer timer. The timer is connected via 3 to 4 wires. The diameter of one of the wires is more significant than all the other wires. The power lines are the two bigger ones. I am grabbing one of the power cables attached to the timer terminal with two fingers. Remove the cable from the timer.


Step #3. Set the ohmmeter

Set the ohm-scale meters to RX1 or zero the meter. Tap the two-meter probes together to zero the meter. Set the scale point to zero using the ohm-dial. meter’s


Step #4. Set the timer’s dial

Select “normal dry” on the timer’s dial. Place one of its ohm-meter probes against the terminal from where the wire was withdrawn. Any of the timer terminals can be reached using the other probe. The ohm-meter must read zero and close to zero. If you obtain this result, the issue is in another part of the system. The timer should be replaced if the reading is too high.


Step #5. Remove the timer knob

A timer knob just on the control panel’s face should be removed. Using bare fingers, separate the other cables from the timer terminals. Using a screwdriver, remove the two screws on the control console’s face that connect the timer to the dryer. Take the timer from the control panel and place it on the table. At such an equipment repair shop, buy a brand new timer.


Step #6. Place the new timer

Place the new timer in the rear of the control panel with the timer knob via the console’s face. Using the fastening screws, fasten the timer to the board. Put the wires into the timer terminals till they are completely seated on each one. Put the timer knob over the timer shafts on the front of the control panel as it is flipped forward. The holding screws fasten the control panel to a dryer top panel. Connect the power wire to the dryer’s socket.


What Does Timer Do On A Kenmore Dryer?

Whenever the temperature in the tumbler reaches a specific level for a certain amount of time, the timer on a dryer is intended to progress from one level to the next. So if it doesn’t, or the dryer operates correctly whenever you manually advance the timer setting, the timer is likely faulty and must be replaced. A tiny electric motor is found in several mechanical dryer timers; this is the portion that commonly fails.

The best option is to replace the complete timer, which you can do by searching for the model number on the internet. Before working on the dryer, make sure the electricity is turned off and the gas is off.

The motor of the timer or the heating circuits, as well as the timer motor altogether, are controlled by the timer connections. The timer motor might fail due to a malfunctioning motor timer and even a problem in the timer’s electrical wiring, necessitating the replacement of the timer. How much does it cost to replace a dryer timer? The cost to replace a dryer timer ranges from $120 to $320. Its dryer timer motor keeps track of how long the drying sessions take and shuts the dryer off if the time is up. You may also be interested to know about Kenmore dryer troubleshooting and repair.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to check timer on Kenmore dryer. You have to follow the steps mentioned above to check your dryer’s timer. If you find your dryer timer not working correctly, you need to replace it immediately. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. You may also want to read about how to reset LG dryer and how to clean dryer vent on roof.

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