How To Check Hotel Rooms For Bed Bugs? 3 Easy Tips!

Have you ever “how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs?” when going on a trip?

Unfortunately, bed bugs nowadays are present wherever you go.

how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs

They can sometimes even stay and make a colony at your car seats, sofa, laundry, bags, or even your suitcases.

It would help if you always were wary of bed bugs because these little insects are no joke.

Their bites that they carry infest your things and spread illnesses to you.

They can sometimes be hard to deal with because of their size, though, if you time it right.

You can sometimes see them roaming at nighttime, hunting for blood.

They usually prey on their targets during nighttime and hide in dark places to avoid contact with people and sunlight.

The number one opponent of bed bugs is high temperatures.

The bodies and exoskeletons of those that come into touch with it become burnt and die as a result.

That is only a bit of information to help you understand what bed bugs are.

So, please stick with us till the end of this article to provide you additional information.


Tips To Check Hotel Rooms For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are unlikely to be seen in hotel rooms.

Though, for some, there may be happenings where the bed bugs are living inside suitcases or by hiding on stuff.

If you haven’t seen what a bed bug is, they are this type of small insect that is reddish, brown, or even black.

That preys at night to suck on blood then leave a scar on the skin that will then spread into the whole body leaving itchy marks everywhere.

There are many alternatives to prevent them from getting into your things.

We have discussed some before, so it is better that you check them out yourself.

Sometimes, when traveling, you will find a perfect hotel to stay and rest in after a long trip somewhere. Right?

But what the room you checked in was infested with bed bugs?

It sometimes happens in hotels because these bed bugs go unnoticed without even the staff knowing it too.

They can hide on furniture like closets and lay their eggs on so that they can make their race bigger and spread more harm on other places.

So, below, we have prepared a set of tips and methods for you to follow on “how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs?”

We want to help you make sure that you will have the best experience on your vacation.

So, read on!


Tip#1. Putting your luggage in a safe place

Once you have arrived at your hotel room, put your luggage in a rack or somewhere like the bathroom where bed bugs cannot hide.

They usually like to roam around on the surface areas when it is dark.

So as much as possible, do not put your luggage in a closed and no–lighted area.

That will help you make sure that bed bugs aren’t coming for your things because they cannot be exposed to light and heat.


Tip#2. Checking the whole bed

Of course, it is evident from the name of the bugs if where they will stay if they cannot find a place to inhabit.

Now to do this, first pull the sheets and the blankets so that you can move on to checking the mattress and box springs.

You can now then remove the mattress to check for signs of bed bugs are hiding underneath it.

One indicator to look for is whether the furniture they used for the bed has any cracks.

Second, if an exoskeleton is left behind, it is a clue that bed bugs are there.

Make sure to use a torch or flashlight for this method to make checking areas much easier.

Also, do not forget to double-check every corner so that you can make sure and move on to checking the other possible infested areas.


Tip#3. Checking on furniture with narrow and dark spaces

When checking for the beds, consider other areas, such as the closet and dressers, to ensure bugs are living on them.

First, make sure not to place your things directly in the closet if you are unsure about the hotel room.

Before you put anything else, do the same thing as how you did at the bed earlier.

Check for corners to ensure the bugs may leave behind exoskeletons or infestations before going into another area.


Tip#4. Put your belongings into a rack

The final solution is not to find any traces of bed bugs in the room.

But all of your stuff in a place like a rack where it is hard to reach for insects.

In that way, your rest for the length of your stay in the hotel room is assured and safe.

You can also bring trash bags if you want to make sure about your luggage and not get infested by bed bugs.



The question of “how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs?” has now been addressed.

I hope you now know how to check your room if bugs are present.

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