How to Charge Jazzy Power Chair: Basic 5-Step Tutorial

We have all been so amazed by how the power chair works for us in all fantastic ways! Read through to know how to charge Jazzy Power Chair and enjoy its magic for another long set of hours.

Power chairs are designed to provide mobility to people limited to a seated position with the capacity to operate a powered wheelchair. It makes moving along spaces easier and faster. It is such a good device that you just want to use it over and over!

Like any other powered device, Jazzy Power Chairs run out of battery from time to time, and therefore need to be charged. Don’t worry! In just five easy steps, charging your favorite power chair will be a piece of cake.


how to charge jazzy power chair

Charging Your Jazzy Power Chair

First and foremost, you should remember not to use a converter when plugging your charger. It is best to directly plug it into a properly rated outlet. You wouldn’t want your charger or your converter to be damaged, would you?

Now, let’s proceed with the charging instructions.

Step #1. Take your power chair next to a power outlet.

Step #2. Next, you have to ensure that the controller power is turned off and the freewheel levers are engaged. (You can check this for parts identification reference)

Step #3. On the off-board charger/programming socket, plug in the off-board charger.

Step #4. Then, plug the off-board charger into an electrical socket. Make sure that the LED light indicates that the charger power is on. It also shows you when the charging is in progress and when charging is complete.

Step #5. When the LED light says that your device is fully charged, unplug the off-board charger. Remember that after plugging it off the electrical outlet, you must do the same from the controller.

If it so happens that even after 24 hours of charging, your device is still not fully charged, contact the authorized service center. If you’re successful with the previous steps, your Jazzy Power Chair would now be fully charged and ready to use.


Breaking-in new batteries

When you buy new batteries for your Jazzy Power Chair, it is essential to break them in for maximum efficiency. You bought it, so better make the most use out of it.

Step #1. To bring your new battery to 90% of its performance level, fully recharge it prior to initial use.

Step #2. After charging, run your power chair throughout the yard or around your house. Go slowly at short distances first until you get accustomed to the controls and until the battery breaks in.

Step #3. Again, charge it for at least 8 to 14 hours and operate anew. This time, the new battery will function over 90% of its performance level.

Step #4. With 4 to 5 rounds of charging, your new battery will reach its 100% efficiency and function for an extended period.


How long and how often must you charge it?

For your power chair to last, it must be charged for the right amount of time and frequency. If you are using it daily, charge it overnight for 8 to 14 hours.

However, if usage is not that often, it is best to charge it once a week or less for at least 24 hours as a maintenance charge. This way, you can take care of your power chair’s battery — which is exactly what should be done!

Batteries that are frequently and deeply discharged and are stored without having full charge may be damaged permanently. It may result in limited battery life and an unreliable power chair — which is a waste of money.

That is why keeping your batteries fully charged whenever you can is a must. It will save your precious Jazzy Power Chair that you love.


How to store a power chair and its batteries

Aside from having the batteries fully charged, it would be best if you disconnected the battery harnesses. You must also store your power chair and battery in a warm and dry environment. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures.

When the time comes that you would want to use your power chair again, never charge a frozen battery! A cold or frosty battery must be warmed for several days prior to recharging.



Power chairs are state-of-the-art devices designed to enhance life. It does not only provide mobility to a person physically, but it also gives them another chance to move forward in life.

It may look like a typical battery-powered device, but for a person who has lost hope in life, it gives the strength and will to continue.

Learning how to charge Jazzy Power Chair is nothing to sweat out about. Just being able to do things like these correctly will help the people we love a lot.

Life goes on no matter what we go through — and the same goes for a power chair. We just need a little bit of recharging and we will be good enough to function for the rest of the day.

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