How To Change Water Heater Element? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering about how to change water heater element? No more worries, you have arrived at the right place. While dealing with the water heater element, constantly switch off the electricity.

Electrical devices have such a breaker, while gasoline ones have a lever or crank to turn off. Unless you’re not certain if the water heater is turned off, inspect the connections with a multimeter first.

how to change water heater element

Turn off the cooling inflow faucet, situated just on the water tank’s top. Next, unlock the discharge valve and attach a water hose to drainage at the bottom of the container. You need to empty the tank to a level underneath the component, although flushing the tank entirely whenever you make repairs is a smart option. Two heating elements are used in water heaters. A bottom element is positioned behind the top electrical panel, while a higher element is placed behind the upper electrical panel. Usually, the lowest piece is the one that has to be changed. Keep reading this article to learn more!


What Is A Water Heater Element?

The heater component is an essential instrument or component of a heater’s cylinder component that heats water in a reservoir or vessel. It is a straighter or helical metal shaft immediately submerged in the water. Because heating components aren’t incredibly costly, you might as well change both ones, especially if just one is defective. If one heat source fails, it’s conceivable the other will fail soon after, and changing these could help you avoid having to do a repeat fix. Many companies provide heater elements of repair kits that contain both the heaters and the controllers. Know more about what is a water element.


Steps To Follow To Change The Water Heater Element

Despite gasoline water heaters, which heat water with heating elements, electrical heaters heat water with top and bottom iron heaters. When electrical charge travels through the heat source, they warm up in the same manner that microwave heating elements do. Different thermostats control each one of the heat elements. Suppose you were experiencing a bad heater element you need to replace it very soon to avoid any harmful condition. The below-mentioned steps are for your help to understand how to change water heater element:


Step #1. Switch off the power

Cut off the breaker or remove the fuses which regulate electricity to the water heater’s circuitry at the primary power board to switch off the electricity to the grid water heater. Allow multiple hrs or longer for such water in the container to calm down. Because heaters’ elements are regulated by the thermostatic, and a warm water tank will alter the electrical current to the heaters, this is critical. To check if the water is chilly, enable a heated water valve and flow it.


Step #2. Revealed the heating element

Disconnect the heating termination block insulating and the accessible covering board. Pull the cover away from the heat source and outwards. It will reveal the screws connections that link the electrical cables to the heat source. To check the cables for electricity, use the top plastic tester to test the circuits. Remove the bolts holding the cables to each of the two output bolts and detach the circuits cables once the electricity has been turned down.


Step #3. Unhook the heating element

Using a jaw tool and a 1/4 adapter, spin a bolts heating clockwise to extract it. A connector for the heat source is included in certain healing potions. Disconnect the gaskets which connect the heater reservoir and the heat source. Loosen the four bolts that hold a spacer heat source in place to remove it. You should remove gaskets. Disconnect the heating component from the heater tank after removing the attachment bolts and gaskets.


Step #4. Install the new heater element

Check if the new element is the correct voltages and watts for the heater. You can access the details on the flanges of the heating element. You can also do so on the display panel of the heater.

Now, it’s time to clean the screws and seal the region of a replacement component. You can use a damp cloth to remove the dirt or residue. Do not use the previous “O” rings on the new variant; instead, always try to use the new “O” ring. With the elements spanner, quietly put the element into the container and secure it. Connect the cables to the component and lock the bolts to keep them in place. Verify the cables are tight and won’t slip. Find out how to install a gas hot water heater


Step #5. Connect the wires

Thread the white and black electrical cables all around stipules of the heat source in a counterclockwise orientation to join them. Whichever cable is connected toward which bolt terminal serves no purpose? Gently tighten the bolts, then pull on the cables to ensure all are secure.


Step #6. Refill the water container

Shut the water heater’s drain valve. Next, activate the cold water inflow and the heated water valve closest to you. Following establishing a consistent fluid stream, leave the heated water valve running for 3 minutes. It will remove any surplus airflow and silt from the pipes.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned everything about the water heater elements and how to change water heater elements. If you are facing the heater element issue, you need to immediately work on it and change the heater element with the help of this article. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us! Click on this link to know how to replace a water heater element.