How To Change Thermocouple On Hot Water Heater? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering about how to change thermocouple on hot water heater? Changing a thermocouple needs a few steps, including; removing the panel cover, disconnecting the control valve, removing the thermocouple, installing a new thermocouple, and restoring the system.

A faulty thermocouple is most likely to blame for a pilot light on the water heater, which won’t remain lighted. If the pilot light goes out, a thermocouple turns off the gas. It’s simply a little piece of tubing that connects the pilot and gas controller. 

how to change thermocouple on hot water heater

In this case, the thermocouple was the source of the issue, which we promptly identified and replaced. This article summarized how we solved the problem and immediately changed the thermocouple to avoid contacting a plumber. Water heater thermocouple repair is simple when you have the appropriate expertise. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Steps To Change Thermocouple On Water Heater

It’s necessary to replace your thermocouple on your water heater once you’ve confirmed that it’s defective. Every system’s replacement technique slightly differs, but we’ll go over the distinctions. Below, we have discussed how to change thermocouple on hot water heater.


Step #1. Detect the panel cover

It’s critical to switch off the heater’s gas control valve on your heater e before operating. Whether you’re using r electronic ignition or a standing pilot, the procedure is similar. The main gas supply pipe’s shut-off valve must now be closed. If you have got a standing pilot, start removing the cover panel to uncover the assembly of the burner. You’ll need to detach the burner assembly manifold cover panel if you have electronic ignition. Remove the bolts that hold the manifold upper plate in place.

These might be nuts,  screws, or even customized fasteners, depending on the manufacturer. Remove the burner reservoir tube once you have removed the nuts.  The manifold, pilot tube, and thermocouple circuits should be carefully pushed out. Internal components may be damaged if the manifolds and burners pieces are removed from the burner combustion process. If that doesn’t come loose quickly, look around the bottom for extra bolts.


Step #2. Remove the control valve

Now, it’s time to disconnect the control valve; removing the control valve from the heater thermocouple requires an adjustable wrench. The main burner supply tube and the pilot supply line must also be disconnected. If you use electronic ignition, you must also disconnect the wire from the Piezo igniter.


Step #3. Remove the thermocouple

Once you have removed the control valve, you can easily remove the thermocouple on your water heater. For changing the defective thermocouple, you have to remove this malfunctioning thermocouple from the mounting bracket that it’s on once you’ve removed the burner assembly. Start taking caution not to harm any of the components. You will have to detach the thermocouple via the grommet seal to remove this from an electronic ignition system entirely.


Step #4. Replace new thermocouple

Well, you may put your new thermocouple in position. This changes based on your system, so let’s take a closer look:

You must attach the thermocouple within the mounting bracket, including standing pilot or electronic ignition systems. Gently press it in position till it snaps into place. Set the thermocouple so that the pilot flame would be about 1/2 inch away from the end of the thermocouple. In the burner combustion chamber, the burner assembly must be reassembled. Double-check that it’s in the right spot. A gasket around the upper plate of the manifold is also required for electronic ignition. You have to use the similar one that is still in excellent condition. Change it if it appears to be broken or old.


Step #5. Reconnect the gas control valve

First, connect the gas control valve to the burner supply tubes, the pilot light, and the thermocouple. Check to see that the thermocouple is only a quarter-turn tighter than hand-tight. If you’re using an electronic ignition, you’ll have to reattach the Piezo igniter as well. Set the gas control valve to “On” after opening the gas shut-off valve. You must ignite the pilot when powering on the gas control valve if you have got a standing pilot installation. Thermostatically set the required temperature.


Step #6. Check for gas leaks

It’s critical to ensure no leaks while working with such a gas-powered water heater. Using such a soap and water solution combination is the best approach to test. Check for air bubbles as you apply the soapy liquid to all fittings. Re-check & secure all connections if you see leak bubbles. Make sure there isn’t a leak by checking again. If you notice any gas leaks, immediately turn off the gas to avoid harm. It may also be a good idea to read about how long does hot water heater lasts.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all get a better understanding of how to change the thermocouple on the hot water heater. Above, we have discussed six quick and easy steps that will help you transform your lousy thermocouple with a new. Whenever you change the thermocouple, you must buy the one similar to your previous thermocouple. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to test water heater thermostat and how many gpm for tankless water heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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