How To Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you curious about how to change pressure washer pump oil? Follow these easy four steps to refresh, achieve a smooth, efficient washer. If this is your first time, don’t worry. You can do this! Read further and know how to change the oil properly. 

If you don’t know yet, there are two types of pressure washers in the market such as gas and electric. Though these two do not have a big difference, they still have unique performances.

how to change pressure washer pump oil

The gas-powered pressure washer needs fuel to run the motor. Meanwhile, the electric washer needs electricity. But, even so, both of these washers require change oil. Aside from cleaning the different parts of the washer, it would be best to consider these to maintain your motor’s capacity, help the engine’s quality performance, and last its life span. Just like any motor, the oil needs to be changed. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Changing the oil of a pressure washer is not a tough job. It would be best to have the proper materials and courage to handle it well. Honestly, there are different ways to remove and refill the oil of washers. Regardless, these steps are the easy and safest way. Learn how to change pressure washer pump oil!


Step #1. Run the machine

It’s known that warm oil flows better and traps the dirt better than cold oil. This way, the oil will run off quickly. Please turn on the machine and run it for several minutes. 


Step #2. Extract oil

You can use gloves to protect yourself from the heat of the machine while you open the lids. Extracting fluid can be messy, as the liquid may splash on the surface or into your device, but taking precautions and being extra careful, you won’t need to clean up the splattered fluid everywhere. There are three known methods to remove the oil such as follows:

Removing oil with a fluid extraction is incredible. It is simple and easy to remove the oil. You need to open the cap or lid of the pump oil, then put the main extractor tube inside, and pull the pump handle. It is also better to prepare an empty bottle for the removed oil before starting. You can purchase a fluid extractor in hardware. You can use it aside from the manual extractor if you have an electrical extractor at home. 

On the other hand, you cab drain through a drain plug. You can find the drain plus at the bottom of where your washer’s pump. Usually, you can identify it quickly. The manufacturer has built it for drain purposes. Place a bottle or an empty container under the drain plug. Open the lid or cap, allowing the oil to flow down into the container. Wait until the oil is entirely out and close the lid tightly. Be sure it is attached well, as it may fall out due to the shaking of the motor while in use. 


Step #3. Secure the oil

If you think you cannot use your used oil again, you’re wrong! Pump oil does not wear out. Secure the oil, and you can bring it to a recycling facility to be reused or cleaned. It may be helpful to read about what psi pressure washer to clean concrete.


Knowing How Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Pressure washers nowadays are in demand as people see the high cleaning power of this motor. You can browse various brands online or in stores, but they are highly cost. To maintain your pressure washer, you need to clean it once a year and change the oil. The pressure washer oil plays a massive role in making them stay on track. Some people often forgot to change the oils and ended up damaging the engine instead. 

The oil keeps your motor to prevent the heat and friction that may cause tears or cracks on the inner parts. As it does not have enough lubricant, the heat expands each piece. Rather than buying replacement parts, you can save them for other necessities. Follow the steps below to clean pressure washer oil in a snap. For sure, the next time you’ll change the oil, it will be faster than the first. The oil goes towards the engine, and the dirt will build up, mixed in oil. To prevent the excess dirt from going into different parts of the machine. Note that the pressure washer needs to be oil changed every three to five months. 

There are two kinds of oil for sale in stores: all-purpose oil, Non-detergent pump oil. Knowing what type of oil you need is essential. You can take a glimpse at the manual of your pressure washer or look at it online. If you lost your manual, you can go through the website of the brand of your washer, type your model and search for the digital manual. Some offer printable files. All you need is to download the file and save t on your phone. Next time, if you forget, you can quickly check it out without browsing. 


It’s A Wrap! 

Isn’t that easy? Now you know how to change pressure washer pump oil. You can save money if you do it yourself—no need to pay service change and replacement parts. Maintain the performance and efficiency of your pressure washer by cleaning it and changing oils. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about what do the colors on pressure washer tips mean and how to clean car with pressure washer.

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