How To Change Natural Gas Heater To Propane? 5 Easy Steps!

The question is: how to change natural gas heater to propane? For your information, there are steps and ways to transform natural gas heaters to propane as possible. However, not all appliances can be converted to that. A natural gas heater can be changed to propane and handle high propane pressure. The steps and ways will be discussed as you delve deeper into this article. So better read this thoroughly.

A natural gas heater is a heater that uses gas to power and generates them. Moreover, not all appliances are made to be converted from one to another, especially from gas to propane. And as a user, you must be knowledgeable and aware of this.

how to change natural gas heater to propane

Having and buying a gas heater means having the responsibility of having some piece of knowledge on how to handle your gas heater. Thus, there are ways how to change natural gas heaters to propane. Knowing this is somewhat a significant advantage in handling and converting or changing a fuel on your heater if needed, and emergencies may come in. Moreover, the steps that will provide are essential. My friends, there are more things that you should know and things to be discussed, so without further ado, let us start!


What Is The Difference Between Natural Gas And Propane?

Knowing the difference between this so-called water heater fuel such as natural gas and propane is very important. Nowadays, natural gas is being used for availability. At the same time, propane is used for consistency. The fact here is that propane as a source of heat and fuel of a water heater is much more efficient than natural gas because it could provide heat much better.

However, between these two to use is okay. Natural gas is still fuel that can give off and run your water heater—but using and realizing that propane is much more affordable and contains great energy than natural gas is very an advantage. But when you use natural gas, you can change it if you like into propane very quickly. But when purchasing, better to check to ensure safety and your being.


Steps To Change Natural Gas Heater To Propane

Knowing the steps to change natural gas heater to propane is a must. But be sure that when you decide to transform natural gas heater into propane, you must also be mindful and ensure safety. Being safe and aware of things you just need to do is very important. You are making things easy for you to act. Here are the steps on how to change natural gas heater to propane:


Step #1. Turn off the gas

The first thing you need to do and act is turn off the heater gas. This way is just straightforward for you to do. But still, when you act this out, better if you use a glove to protect your hands. In that way, your security would be at hand once you turn off the gas; better to be mindful and aware of the next thing and step you would do, do it safe and sure. Turn off the gas when you are planning to change the gas.


Step #2. Disconnect the heater from the natural gas line

The next step to change the natural gas heater to propane is disconnecting the heater from the natural gas line. But the question is, how could you do that? The straightforward solution to that. You should turn off the unit and all the supplies. Then you have to disconnect the pipelines for you to do it correctly. After that, you perform it all; the next and the third step is waiting for you.


Step #3. Remove the gas burners

As the third step to change the natural gas heater to propane, you must remove the gas burners. To do this, I’m sure you are confused about how. How could you remove the gas burner? Well, you must turn the burner counterclockwise and get a grip on it. You have to turn it and lift it out to remove the gas burner. Then after that, it is all set. Move to the next step already. 


Step #4. Screw the new burner and change the line to the propane

Remember, upon doing this step; you must be cautious upon acting into this. You have to screw the new burner, and it is now time for you to change the line to propane. The conversion kit will significantly help compensate for the two’s pressure upon changing it. Remember that it is safe that you have a conversion kit to be safe upon changing the two gases and for you to be safe when doing it. You may also want to read about what is propane gas.


Step #5. Adjust the settings

In this last step, it is now time for you to adjust the settings. You could now adjust the setting after changing the natural gas line to propane. In adapting the ground still, you need to be careful about your actions to be safe and well. Remember that dealing with your water heater when it comes to changes; is critical that you are ready and aware to prevent any accidents and uncertainties from happening.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know the answer: how to change natural gas heater to propane. The response has been already stated above, and the steps you need to be aware of are also displayed. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to fix a propane heater and what is the best indoor propane heater. Thank you for reading this article and for getting this far. Have a great day!

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