How To Change Belt On Maytag Washer? 3 Easy Ways!

Do you want to know how to change belt on Maytag washer? Well, this article is just for you as we will teach you to step by step how to do that! Sometimes basic knowledge about the parts of your appliance can save you some cash.

You can inspect the problem yourself and point out the problem, then call the appropriate professionals to help you if necessary.

how to change belt on Maytag washer

This does not apply to every appliance problem, but this particular one can be quickly done at home. Other than learning about one part of the appliance, you can read about the different parts too. Who knows, you may even need to look out for those parts, too, in your current washer.


Parts Of A Washing Machine

It is imperative to know the parts of your washing machine, even if you don’t necessarily know how to fix appliances. This will give you an idea of what to do when you think something might be wrong with your washing machine. We’re going to break it down and explain the parts you need to know.


#1. Drum

Your washing machine has two drums. The one you can see is the one that you load up with laundry. This is called the inner drum. The outer drum is what the inner drum is sitting in. The outer drum spins around and has holes for the water to be able to flow. It supports the inner drum and prevents the water from leaking to the other parts inside the appliance.


#2. Agitator/paddles

You can see this inside the tub or drum. This helps in the cleaning of clothes. These agitators or paddles are connected to the motor, so when it spins, the paddles help create current and turn the clothes. 


#3. Drainpipe

After washing your laundry, you will have dirty or used water left in the drum. The machine drains this through the drain pipe. After you give the load a final rinsing, the water used will also be drained through the tube.


#4. Heater

This may depend on the washing machine you purchase. Some of them may not be built with this feature because they are a different model, and their purpose will be used more lightly. But for those who are, this is for heating the water in the machine. It is instrumental if your clothes need this specific special care.


#5. Circuit board

Of course, since it is an electric appliance, your washing machine will have a circuit board. Not all washers have the same circuit boards. Some of them can make the device “smart” and be able to tell if it is time to rinse, if the load is too heavy or unbalanced, and will not start the wash cycle if the lid hasn’t been put down yet.


#6. Belt

This belt is found connected from the motor to the drum pulley. It is an integral part of the reason the machine can function with the device’s help. That is why you can still see the drum spinning even after you have turned off the machine and the motor is no longer running. This could be the belt still moving with the momentum that is left.


Washing Machine Belt

This article tells you how to change belt on Maytag washer, and this is the part where we start. Now that you know the essential features of the appliance, the belt can be the most neglected one as it is hidden inside the machine, rarely taken a look at. If you suspect something is wrong with your belt, here are the steps on how to replace it.


Step #1. Back panel

You will find the back panel behind the machine. When you open this panel, you will have access to the insides of the appliance. Some washing machines have a lid that covers the belt. If you don’t see the belt, find a top.


Step #2. Remove the belt

Carefully remove the belt. Take note that it is wrapped around the motor and the drum pulley. All you need to do is pull the belt towards you. While doing this, at the same time, turn the pulley to peel off the belt easily.


Step #3. Fit the new belt

When fitting your new belt, look out for the grooves on it. That part of the belt should go around the motor spindle for easy fitting. Slightly stretch the waistband until it reaches the drum pulley. You can do the same technique and turn the pulley as you wrap the belt around it. Give it a few turns to make sure it is secured.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to change belt on Maytag washer, always remember to keep your safety first when handling any appliances. Make sure it’s unplugged, and be cautious with what you touch. We hope you will be putting this knowledge to good use, and you can even help those who might need to hear about it. Thank you for reading! I guess it’s helpful to read about how to use a washer machine and how do I reset my Maytag washer.

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