How To Catch Bed Bugs Using Double-Sided Tape? 3 Best Ways!

Have you ever pondered, “how to catch bed bugs using double-sided tape?”

There are several approaches to removing these insects from your home completely.

how to catch bed bugs using double-sided tape

Have insects been bothering your slumber despite several insect removal methods?

A tranquil rest after a long, exhausting day is all we need, but what if parasitic insects put a halt to it?

It is frustrating that while you enjoy wandering around the dreamland.

These tiny blood-sucking creatures feed on your blood and cause some health issues.

Though bed bugs are small to be seen by the naked eye.

They are quick to reproduce and feed on human blood persistently if not avoided.

The most common is using insecticides or pesticides.

Some people use pesticides that contain harmful chemicals to eliminate bed bugs.

This may be dangerous for humans, especially when they are sleeping.

These bed bugs hide in cracks, joints, and ridges of your bed.

So, it is way better if you use natural ways, such as double-sided tape, to catch these insects.

It is crucial to identify the infested areas of these bugs to start eliminating them.

When they haven’t reproduced and grow their population into a larger one, which will be harder for you to remove them.


Ways To Catch Bed Bugs Using Double-Sided Tape

Bed bugs hide in the tiniest areas of your bed, especially on the cracks, headboard, box spring, and any parts of the bed frame.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of these creatures is to use some chemicals.

These are to be used by professional pest control operators, best for killing bed bugs.

However, bed bugs may be stubborn sometimes.

Using chemicals, such as pyrethrins and pyrethroids, are somewhat lethal and instantly kills bed bugs when applied.

Yet, there are some particular types of bed bugs that may have developed resistance against these chemicals.

These chemicals might also cause adverse health effects because they are potentially toxic to humans.

Another technique for catching these bed bugs is using double-sided tape.

This technique is safe for your health because it does not give off toxic chemicals.

So here are three basic ways on how to catch bed bugs using double-sided tape:


Way #1. Tape on the base of your bed

Bed bugs can disturb your peaceful sleep by climbing up to your bed and bite certain parts of your body that may cause itchiness.

To prevent them from climbing up, place some double-sided tape on the base of your bed to trap the bed bugs.

Double-sided tape will serve as your trap to catch the bed bugs as they crawl towards you.

When the morning comes, you may check if bed bugs are stuck on the tape and kill them if you found some.


Way #2. Tape areas around your bed

If you want to make sure that no bed bug will reach you while you sleep.

You may place some double-sided tape around your bed.

Place some on the areas near where you sleep, such as the headboard, footboard, carpet, and the bed’s legs.

This way, you may catch the parasitic insects when you wake up, for they are stuck on the sticky surface of the tape.


Way #3. Attracting the bed bugs

Using traps that attract the bed bugs may help you to catch these pests quickly.

In addition, using some tape around the area of your bed.

You may use a trap to lure the bed bugs out of their hiding to the tape.

Bed bugs are usually attracted to carbon dioxide, warmth, dark bed sheets, and dirty laundry.

Once these pests fell into the traps, they will try to come near it.

But, it will not achieve because of the double-sided tape set up around the place.

These bugs are caught with the sticky surface of the tape and removed the next day.


Secure Your Catch!

Applying double-sided tape on most areas around your bed is not enough to catch.

These bed bugs if your beddings or blanket touch the floor.

When your sheets trail on the areas where a bed bug might creep.

And there is no double-sided tape; these natural ways will be pointless.

To assure that these bugs won’t disturb your pleasant sleep at night.

Secure your sleeping area wherein nothing touches the area outside your safe place from these blood-sucking insects.

Getting rid of these parasitic creatures is pretty hard at times.

But, patience and logical thinking are necessary when you want to achieve something.

It may take time to diminish these bed bugs completely.

But, always remember that it is safer and more natural to catch bed bugs using double-sided tape.


To Sum It Up

That is all for “how to catch bed bugs using double-sided tape?”

To prevent bed bugs from coming back to their hiding places, observe cleanliness and orderliness inside your room.

Create your room a well-ventilated one.

Constantly wash your bedsheets to avoid having insects bite you while you get your deserved rest.

Everyone is worthy of an enjoyable sleep after a long day.

So, catch these bed bugs before they get to interrupt your rest.

We hope this article helped!

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