How To Care For Puffy Mattress: 4 Best Secrets

There are four ways to learn how to care for Puffy mattress. This article will teach you the dos and dont’s when owning a Puffy bed and which accessories are worth getting. After all, the longevity of any mattress also depends on how you maintain and care for it. 

Speaking of which, how long does a Puffy mattress last anyway? If you’re also curious about the expected lifespan of a Puffy mattress, read our separate review about it. 

how to care for puffy mattress


How To Care For Your Puffy Mattress


Use the right base

One of the reasons that make Puffy the best mattress is its versatility with any surface. You can use it on box springs, slatted frames, platform bases, adjustable bases, or even directly on the floor. However, this doesn’t mean that you must overlook the quality of the base or foundation. 

Every mattress requires the proper support to ensure the even distribution of weight and wear. Make sure you’re using the right-size frame, foundation, or base and that it has no damages that can make it ineffective for support. If you don’t have one yet, consider getting the frame, foundation, or adjustable base from Puffy as well to guarantee the perfect match. 


Keep the bed clean

Knowing how to wash the Puffy mattress is straightforward because it’s not a meticulous task. Remember that the Puffy bed uses a stain-resistant cover, so you don’t even need to spot treat often. It is also memory foam, which means you don’t soak it heavily for cleaning. 

A good cleaning practice for your Puffy mattress is vacuuming it weekly. This will eliminate dust and dirt build-up, and you can even sprinkle baking soda all over the surface for deodorizing. Puffy also has its own mattress protector if you want the convenience of a wash and go. 


Use a mattress topper or pad

Besides mattresses, there is also a Puffy mattress pad and mattress topper. You can add any of these accessories to your bed to act as a layer against wear and even other issues such as accidental messes. Your mattress won’t be directly exposed to dirt, sweat, and oils, and the extra material at the top would lessen the pressure from your body weight when lying down. 

Best of all, both the mattress pad and topper from Puffy are relatively low-maintenance. You can use the washing machine for the topper’s cover, while the mattress pad itself is machine-washable. Just remember to use cold water and the gentle cycle setting.  


Use the bed with care

The Puffy mattress is made in the US using high-quality materials, but you must still use it with care to avoid damaging its structure quickly. For example, avoid jumping on the mattress because the pressure will inevitably cause the bed to sag. In addition, it would be best if you also practiced care when eating on the bed because any spills and moisture that aren’t addressed soon can cause the materials to disintegrate.


How Often Should You Flip A Puffy Mattress?

You don’t need to flip your Puffy mattress because Puffy designed its layers to withstand usage for a long time. Furthermore, each side is designated for use and base, unlike other beds where the top and bottom layers are the same. However, if you’re interested in a flippable bed, we found the best places to buy a double-sided mattress.


Do I Need To Rotate My Puffy Mattress?

Puffy does not require you to rotate the Puffy mattress, but you can do so every three months if you want. Rotating the bed helps equalize the wear throughout the mattress anyway. Regardless, it’s not a standard maintenance practice, and you can skip it if you want. 


Does The Puffy Mattress Sag?

The Puffy mattress uses a high-density core support foam, which means it won’t sag quickly like low-density foam beds. However, all mattresses are not supposed to last forever, and even the Puffy mattress with a lifetime warranty might need a replacement after 10 years. If you can’t buy a new one immediately, here are three hacks to fix a sagging mattress for your information.  


When To Replace A Puffy Mattress


Difficulty sleeping or poor sleep quality

You can consider getting a new mattress if you notice poor sleep quality or you’re having trouble falling asleep. You might change positions often, toss and turn throughout the night, or even experience irritability and tiredness because you failed to get a continuous sleep each night. After all, our beds will eventually lose their shape, affecting their comfort and support. 


Body pain

A deformed bed won’t keep you in a good sleeping posture. As a result, you can develop pain in the neck, back, shoulders, or even hips. Remember that you shouldn’t sink deeply into the bed, but it should still contour along your curves to relieve pressure. 



And that’s it! To recap how to care for a Puffy mattress, you must use the right base, keep the bed clean, consider a mattress pad or topper, and avoid jumping on the mattress. You can expect your Puffy mattress to last reasonably, as long as you maintain and use it properly. 

Are you also interested to know when was Puffy mattress started? You can read about the company history in our separate article. It’s always helpful to get to know the brand better to get an idea about what to expect with their product.


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