How To Cancel Greenpeace Donation? Why Not! Awesome Facts To Read!

Do you want to know how to cancel Greenpeace donation? Alright, then continue reading this article as we will be explaining it right now; all you have to do is call Greenpeace’s helpline and state your request to cancel your monthly donations. After they listen to your request for the cancellation, they will process it. They will then notify you about the status of your request through email. 

Keep in mind that the email will be the one you provided when you registered as a donor. And once you get the confirmation mail, it means that your request has been processed and your donation is canceled. Boom, that’s it! Simple, right? 

how to cancel Greenpeace donation

To find out more about the Greenpeace organization and ways of donating, continue reading this article!


The Greenpeace Organization

Greenpeace is an independent worldwide network of socially active organizations. They are working together to achieve a mutual gof defending end our natural world from getting destructed. Greenpeace is constantly campaigning to conserve and protect our environment. Their goal is to attain a green and peaceful world that can be sustained for the upcoming generations. 

So, what does independent organization means? They mean that they are entirely independent and funded by any political parties, governments, or corporations. This allows Greenpeace to be unapologetically straightforward when it comes to its wor. As a result, they have a free hand to confront any corrupted corporations and governments responsible for destroying our environment. Well, but this leads us to think, then who are they funded by are?  Then the answer to that would be they are funded by ordinary people who have a solid vision to see a healthier world. 

How does Greenpeace take action for the betterment of the world? Greenpeace uses non-violent and direct actions. They expose global environmental problems and, destroying them through creative communication, promote ways and options to solve these problems. Their initial step of exposing environmental issues is investigating and documenting thoroughly. 

Here’s a glimpse of their history, the story behind this organization’s formation is quite inspiring.

In 1971, a small group of individuals sailed to an island off the coast of Alaska named Amchitka. They were aiming to stop a US nuclear weapons test. The boat that they used to sail to carry this mission was called ‘The Greenpeace.’ Thus, in 1971 Greenpeace was established. They are present in over fifty-five countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. 


Why Not Cancel Greenpeace Donation?

We can say one thing’s for sure: Greenpeace keeps its word, whether it be preserving species of animals or confronting polluting corporations and governmental authorities. Greenpeace makes no exceptions when it comes to taking measures for the well-being of our environment. Here is a list of a few matters that Greenpeace is considerate about: 

  • Protection of endangered seals and whales from hunting 
  • Termination of dropping toxic chemical and radioactive wastes at sea 
  • Cessation of nuclear weapons testing 
  • Preventing environmental abuses 


Reasons To Support Greenpeace Donation

Here is a list of a few projects that Greenpeace is still currently working on: 


#1. Protecting our forests 

Being home to roughly two-thirds of all plant and animal species dwelling on the land, forests are crucial for our wildlife and planet’s health and well-being. 


#2. Protecting our oceans 

The ocean is home to more than seven hundred thousand species. Besides, they also play an essential role for humankind, providing food, jobs, and enjoyment. Moreover, half of the oxygen is generated by the oceans. 


#3. Living toxin-free 

We all want a toxic-free life for ourselves and our environment, and Greenpeace is taking action for that. From pushing for safer chemicals plants to detoxing the clothing, we wear every day. Greenpeace is taking action for us to live a life free from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. 


How Can I Donate To Greenpeace? 

Greenpeace essentially offers two kinds of donating plans which are donating monthly and donating once. Then you also have the option to make legacy gifts. Let us now discuss each project briefly. For the monthly donation plan, donors can donate something as small as $35 or contribute more monthly, as the donating limit stretches up to $10000 per month. Then there are the one-time made donations. Now, the least you can donate here if your budget is a little tight is about $65, and if you’re planning to spend, you also get the option to donate $5000. Know more about the ways to give


How Can I Cancel My Greenpeace Donation? 

Now, here in this passage, we’ll tell you how to cancel Greenpeace donation. It’s effortless, and we broke it down into three steps: 

  1. Call 800-722-6995. 
  2. You can also choose to email, and this is the email account: [email protected]
  3. State that you want to cancel your donation. 

That’s it, and your problem is solved! 


It’s A Wrap

We hope this article was fun to read and easy to grasp mentally Greenpeace. Did you get your answer on how to cancel Greenpeace donation? We hope that you did. That’s it for this article. Thank you for reading! Also, read about how to cancel k-love donation and how to cancel aclu monthly donation.

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