How To Cancel Feeding America Donation? 3 Awesome Methods!

How to cancel Feeding America donation? There is more than one way of canceling a donation with Feeding America. These three are calling their customer service representative, unsubscribing in their online platform, and canceling online platforms.

Donating is an act of kindness by heart since you are giving something to someone for free. Although this might be true, sometimes ideas like “is this organization legit?” come into your mind.

How to cancel Feeding America donation

You probably have hesitations about the organizations you are donating—worried if they are using what you’ve donated for the proper purpose and the right people. Well, you’ve probably heard about an organization named Feeding America and have recently started donating to it. Well, if you are looking for ways to cancel that donation, this article will give you the options.


Feeding America

Feeding America is a large organization that aims to relieve hunger in America. They support food banks and pantries. They also conduct several meal programs for states and areas that are high in the poverty rate. With a food bank in your area, the organization collects the food and distributes it to hunger-relief charities. In addition, these food banks serve as the collection point of excess edible food in your community. Although they do not only accept food as a donation, you could also donate from your pocket. But some people have had issues with their money transfer and donation with Feeding America lately. Why is that?


Donation Periods

Feeding America has more than one way to accept your donation. These ways are the monthly gift, fundraising, planned to give or give through your email or phone. But we will focus on their monthly gift.


Monthly gift

Feeding America accepts donations straight from your accounts when you choose to donate to them by cash. In addition, they have an automatic withdrawal every month, depending on your subscription.


Canceling Methods

Well, how to cancel Feeding America donation? I will present to you three options. The first one is with the help of canceling online platforms, then unsubscribing to their online website, lastly is to cancel by calling their customer service representative.


Method #1. Online platforms

There are many online canceling platforms available over the internet nowadays. These platforms serve as a way for you to cancel anything through them. One of the many examples of an online canceling platform is DoNotPay. If you use DoNotPay, you’ll have to create an account with them. Then you’ll have to search the hidden money feature in your account and type in the organization’s name, which is Feeding America. After that, you can cancel your donations through the website, DoNotPay, email, and over the phone.


Method #2. Unsubscribing in their online platform

In Feeding America’s online platform, you only have to go to their contact page and complete the required fields. Then, select the donation in the list below, a comment that you want to cancel the monthly donations, and submit.


Method #3. Calling their contact services representative

There are two ways to contact their customer service representative. One is by sending an email, and another is by calling directly over the phone. If you want to send an email, you have to write an email stating that you want to cancel your monthly donations. Do not forget to ask for a verification email that their staff has received and processed your request. If you don’t know their email address, send your email at [email protected]. Another method is by calling directly over the phone. Their contact number is 800-771-2303. Dial that number and tell the customer service that you would want to cancel your monthly donations. Be polite and ask for a verification email afterward.


FAQs About Feeding America

If you are curious about Feeding America, I have here some of the frequently asked questions about them. I hope this helps you to decide whether to continue your cancellation or not.


Q#1. How to donate?

You can find a local food bank in your area and ask them their needs as of this moment. You could donate grocery products or other goods and kinds or visit their food drives page. You may be interested to know how to build a clothing donation box.


Q#2. Can I donate on someone’s behalf?

Yes, you can donate as a representative of someone. Many people do this for their birthday and other occasions. If you donate in honor of someone, you could visit their page to get the donation form.


Q#3. Is there a receipt after the donation?

Yes, the organization will send you a receipt once the donation process is finished. You will receive the receipt through email. Would you please wait patiently because many people email the organization to process the donations?


Q#4. Will my donation be used wisely?

Of course, your every donation will be used by many charities. Even a tiny amount of help would be appreciated, especially if it came from the heart. Over 200 food banks have been in partnership with Feed America, so you don’t have to worry about it. 


Q#5. Who are the prominent supporters of Feeding America?

Well, Feeding America has been long supported by big corporations and manufacturers all across America. Some of their main contributors are corporates and foundations, and individuals who support hunger relief operations.



Now that you know how to cancel Feeding America donation, you can now rest assured that there will be no deductions to your card anymore. So no matter what the reason is, have time to help others incredibly if you are blessed in many ways. You may love to read about how to make a donation flyer and how to setup a paypal donation.

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