How To Cancel Aptive Pest Control Contract: 2 Best Ways

Are you looking for an answer on how to cancel Aptive pest control contract? Well, this article doesn’t just provide what you need, but will help you get to know more about Aptive Environmental.

Pests in your home could be a constant nuisance, which is why your primary option was to find a pest control service that handles this kind of recurring issue. It is practical to consider hiring a professional pest control operator or service provider if the problem is too much for you to handle.

how to cancel aptive pest control contract

In this kind of problem, there are many options to consider, and finding the right service provider could be a challenge. However, looking for the best pest control service provider on the internet is complicated, as you will have to read reviews first if they are legit and accredited.


Aptive Pest Control

One of the most searched pest control providers online is Aptive pest control. The Aptive Environmental is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A-rating and is currently available in 34 states in the United States.

Due to potential risks involved in using pesticides, Aptive became known for providing treatments and services that are environmentally friendly. With this kind of approach, they will ensure that your home and environment are protected throughout the process.

Aptive pest control services simplify all-inclusive pest control options in their plan. In particular, they are using their so-called Four Seasons Protection Plan to handle the recurring pest issues.

Inclusive in the contract is the basic plan, which guarantees the removal of pests, within 30 feet of your home. However, exclusive in their plan is the bed bug and termite removal, which other pest control providers provide.

To determine what kind of intervention the professional will take, they have to conduct an interior and exterior inspection in your home. Subsequently, Aptive provides follow-up inspections between scheduled service appointments with no additional charge.


Is Aptive Pest Control Effective?

Since Aptive pest control provides environmentally safe approaches, the products they use cannot eliminate existing eggs, unlike pesticides that can kill all pests and their eggs. The natural products they have created aren’t strong enough to penetrate the eggs, so they provide another inspection after the eggs hatch.

On the contrary, the company has received complaints due to poor customer support services. Despite that, Aptive still got a 3.8-star rating from its customers, which is moderately high, considering they are new to the industry.

Aptive Environmental is a leading eco-friendly company and promotes a healthy environment where pests would not prosper. In addition, the company pledged to grow and continue to elevate its eco-friendly pest control services throughout the nation.


Ways To Cancel Aptive Pest Control Contract

There are many reasons why a customer would like to cancel pest control. However, be also informed that canceling the Aptive pest control contract demands a cancellation fee, which isn’t specified in the contract.


Method #1. Read the terms and agreement and cancellation policy

If you are entering a service contract like aptive pest control, it is significant to look out for its terms and agreement, specifically the cancellation policy. You should also be aware that such terms suddenly change without you knowing. 


Step #2. Contact customer service

The easiest way to contact Aptive is by calling customer service at 1-844-573-7111. However, customers have reported a hard time reaching out to customer service, so you have to wait for a while before you are able to talk to an actual person.

If you have already had contact with an Aptive representative, it would be convenient for you to contact the Aptive office that is closest to you. You may check the Aptive locations website to know which location is nearest to you.

Lastly, if you have difficulty calling Aptive representatives, you can email them at [email protected]. When emailing customer support, you have to include your name, account information, and your reason for canceling the contract.


How to pest control your home alternatively?

To avoid greater damage caused, homeowners need to know how to pest control their homes. With that, they could solve the pest problem efficiently, instead of entering a pest control contract with a provider.

  1. Keep the damp areas in your house clean to avoid pest infestation. Pests live in the kitchen area, bathroom, and basement, so don’t allow water to stand.
  2. Dispose of garbage immediately to avoid the accumulation of cockroaches, rats, and rodents. If you are interested in learning more, read on how to get rid of mildew on trash bins.
  3. Conduct a regular cleaning and inspection in your house to avoid pests from escalating. While cleaning, you would notice a musty smell lurking, so you should learn what does mildew smell like in a house.



Pest problems require full attention to keep your house clean and your family safe. That is why most homeowners call for pest control support like what Aptive provides.

We hope that you got the answers to your question about how to cancel aptive pest control contract, and we are very much happy to help you.

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