How To Bypass Heater Core? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to bypass heater core? Learn these five easy steps! In this article, you will also discover valuable tips. I know you’ve wondered why the heater core is best to be bypassed whenever your hoses leak coolant and how to bypass a heater core in your vehicle if you need it. So, let’s start reading this article!

Well, you need to bypass the heater core if you smell a coolant that goes out from your car heater, especially if you live far away from repair shops.

how to bypass heater core

In addition, you wouldn’t want to inhale that coolant into your lungs and waste coolant from leaking out while on the run. This method is beneficial and will save you money. Get ready, and let’s discover other details on bypassing the heater core!


Why Bypass Heater Core?

Before you cut off your heater hoses, you must have enough knowledge on handling the steps I gathered below. It is advantageous if you have mechanic experience or have seen someone do the method and proper handling of the needed tools such as a pliers wrench and tools. But, even if you are inexperienced, you can still do this method, read the steps carefully and learn how to bypass heater core. You should also take safety measures in doing this, such as do not cut the hoses if the engine is warm. Coolant will likely spread out, especially if you have not clamped the hoses. On the other hand, please do not bypass your heater hose if it’s not needed. If you think you’re ready, then let’s jump off the steps!


Steps To Bypass Heater Core

You probably noticed that your car’s cooling system isn’t working well, and you found out that the coolant that’s leaking out and have thoughts on bypassing your heater core. In the meantime, you need to do something about the leakage. Neglecting the leakage won’t help you and will cost damage if you won’t fix it. The only thing is, your car can’t give you hot air due to leakage, and you must repair the leakage. If you believe the process will damage your engine, it’s not. 

If you live in a cold country, you probably need to warm up inside the car while traveling, and you’re looking forward to replacing the heater core. But, if you’re far from repair shops or do not have a replacement part yet, you must execute this method. Note that if you bypass your heater core, your cooling system will not work.


Step #1. Locate heater core 

Open your car’s dashboard and locate the heater core. If this is your first time and you have trouble finding the heater core, don’t worry, as you can easily spot it. A heater core is usually attached to the firewall. However, as cars’ designs vary, you might find them in a different spot. To locate, go towards the coolant’s tank follow the hoses connecting it. It will lead you to the heater core’s location. It may be helpful to read about five signs your car heater core is going bad.


Step #2. Prepare the hoses

You’ll notice two hoses after locating the heater core– outlet and inlet hoses. Disconnect these hoses from the heater core. You can either cut the hoses or remove them from the heater core, but since this article tackles bypassing, let’s consider cutting off the hoses. Spot the hose you will cut down, then use a cloth and wrap it to the outlet ad inlet hoses. You can use a pliers wrench to clip the hoses. It will allow you to control the coolant from going out. Attach the plier wrench to the hose covered with a cloth. The cloth will protect your hoses from direct pressure and prevent damage. 


Step #3. Cut hoses

After attaching the plier wrench to the hoses, put an empty container at the bottom of your vehicle to prevent excess coolant on the inlet and outlet hoses from spilling to the floor. It is best to choose a broader container to occupy a larger area. If the container is ready, you can now cut the hoses. Use a cutter hose to cut the inlet and outlet hose. Then, let the excess go out from the hoses, except the clipped hose.


Step #4. Attach connectors

Now that you have successfully cut the inlet and outlet hoses, you need to connect the inlet and outlet hoses. Get your hose connectors and insert each hose. Attach it tightly to prevent any leakage on the connection. Then, get your 180-degree connector and attach each end to the hose connector. Note that you should securely attach the links to prevent your coolant from leaking. Remove the plier wrench or any tool you used to clip the hose to allow the coolant to flow through. 


Step #5. Check the engine

Now that you have applied the method in bypassing the heater core, the last thing you need to do is check the connections. Don’t worry about it, as you can quickly check to determine if there are leaks in the links. Turn on your car’s engine and let it run for a few minutes, then look out for any smell of coolant or overheating. If there are none, you’re good to go! But, if you noticed that the coolant’s leaking on the connection, clip the hose like we did earlier and attach the hose tightly. 


It’s A Wrap!

The whole method is not complicated, right?. Now that you have learned how to bypass heater core, you can do it independently. You can quickly manage to bypass your car or your family’s car. For sure, you’ll be saving a penny. But, if you live in cold countries, it will be better if your car heater goes well, so you might prefer heater core replacement. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how much is heater core is and what happens if your heater core goes out. 

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