How To Buy A Sofa That Will Last? 4 Signs To Check

It’s easy to understand how to buy a sofa that will last because there are only four factors to consider. In this article, we’ll help you inspect the frame, filling, shock-absorbing system, and cover of the couch. These are the main components of the furniture, and knowing what to expect from them will guarantee longevity. 

We have also discussed another informative guide on how long does a sofa lasts. We recommend checking that because not all materials and sofa models have the same expected lifespan and consistent performance.

how to buy a sofa that will last


How Do You Buy A Couch That Will Last?


Sturdy frame

The first thing to check when buying a sofa is how its frame is built. Remember that the frame dictates how effective the couch will be in providing support to the cushions. It should be durable enough to withstand weight and pressure, especially when it’s seating people to its maximum capacity. 

Some materials that would make durable sofa frames include hardwood like oak and beech compared to plastics and metals that can get deformed over time. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the connections and joints of the furniture and opt for screws and brackets instead of nails and glue alone. 

It would be a great value of money if the sofa will take a long time before you’ll need to learn how to fix a sofa frame because the other parts are easier and cheaper to replace. 


How to check the frame quality

Besides ensuring that the frame uses quality material and its connections are secured with reinforcement, you can test the solid construction further. To do so, lift one sofa leg off the floor and check if the other would also rise when you reach around 6 inches. You can also check for noises and flimsiness by touching the frame. 


Quality filling 

After checking the quality and materials of the frame, do the same meticulous judgment on the sofa’s filling. You will know that the couch will last if the filling is on the firmer side than softer because the latter is prone to premature sagging. In addition, the sofa is one of our furniture pieces in the house that is prone to wear, so the filling should withstand such demand. 

Opt for high-density filling on the sofa cushions, preferably foam over synthetic fibers that can flatten quickly. Another fantastic combination for the sofa’s cushioning is high-resiliency foam, down, more foam, and batting. Adding more foam should also help make the sofa cushions higher for better support and comfort.


How to check the filling quality

You can sit on the sofa and feel if it’s firm and offers resistance. It shouldn’t form a dent as quickly, and you should feel well-supported. Don’t forget to check the quality of the filling on the seat back and armrests. 


Dependable shock absorber

The frame is not the only indicator that the sofa will last due to supporting the filling with weight distribution. If the couch has poor-quality springs, it’s a tell-tale sign that you’ll quickly lose the sofa’s structure. You can always find out how to fix sofa springs, but it’s better if the couch won’t pop out any time soon.

Opt for hand-tied or coiled springs that use quality metal compared to the cheaper serpentine springs. They won’t sag as quickly as the common serpentine, but it would help if you still check with the manufacturer. If the sofa has no springs, the mesh might feel flimsy.  


How to check the spring quality

Squeaking and any noise while sitting down means that the springs hit the frame or have a bad placement. You can sit on the outside edge of the couch to check for creaks. Spring clips must also be made of quality material. 


Durable cover

The final part or sign to check on the sofa to ensure its longevity and dependability is the cover. You want upholstery materials to be durable and comfortable to clean to ensure that it’s easy to maintain. Furthermore, consider your lifestyle to know what qualities you need to prioritize for the sofa upholstery. 

Compared to fabric, nothing beats leather when it comes to durability. It should even be your first choice when looking for the best sofa fabric for dogs. Just remember to use high-quality genuine leather and not reconstituted or synthetic leather.  

It would be best if you also know what to look for when buying a leather sofa


How to check the cover quality

Understand the pros and cons of every sofa upholstery material. Since you want something that will last, prioritize durability over aesthetics. You can also use synthetic materials that won’t stain easily for quicker maintenance.


What Kind Of Couch Lasts The Longest?

The couch that will last long won’t come at a low price point. This is because it will use high-quality and durable materials meant to withstand daily wear and tear. You want to look at the sofas used in high-traffic areas like in public establishments.



A sofa is an investment, so you want to get the most of your purchase. In this article on how to buy a sofa that will last, we discussed how you could check and test the frame, filling, springs, and cover. Then, opt for quality materials instead of going with something cheaper that will require constant repairs and replacement. 

We hope you learned a lot from this buying guide. And if you have other questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 


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