How To Buy A Good Sectional Sofa? Check 3 Factors

There’s only three factors to master: how to buy a good sectional sofa. They are the size, type, and configuration of the sectional. Please continue reading below to understand why they will help you ensure you get the right sectional for your needs. 

But before you proceed, we recommend checking this list of the best sofa manufacturers. After all, you must know the reliable brands when buying a sofa. And with a sectional, you want a brand that will give you the best value for money.

how to buy a good sectional sofa


The Ultimate Sectional Sofa Buying Guide



  • Consider the size of the room because getting a sectional that is too big or too small can affect the overall look and comfort of the users
  • Having a very small sectional in a spacious room can make it look unfinished and empty
  • Having an oversized sectional in a small room will make the area look and feel crowded
  • The size of the sectional should be comfortable for you to move the sofa through a small door and other pathways it will encounter after delivery or potential moving
  • The best sectional sofa complements not only the size of the room but also the expected usage
  • Consider the number of people that will use the sectional often so that it’s big enough to provide enough seats 
  • The sectional should have the right size to accommodate the user, such as his height and other positions when lounging 


  • There are different types of sectional sofas ranging from curved, angled, and chaise
  • An L-shaped sofa is perfect for those who want to accommodate more than three people
  • A U-shaped sofa is ideal for homeowners who often have guests because the seats allow better conversation
  • A curved sectional sofa will be excellent for large spaces or those who want to float a couch in the living room 
  • The best type of sectional for those who relax in the living room often is the chaise sectional because it has an extended portion for stretching


  • Opt for a model that allows you to reverse the sectional sofa if you want versatility in its position 
  • Some sectionals can be flipped from right-facing to left-facing and vice-versa
  • If you want more control in the placement of your furniture, you should get a model where you can take apart the sectional and change the spot for each piece
  • Those who want to save space can consider a sectional sofa that doubles as a sleeper couch so you can turn it into a bed when needed
  • Some of the best reclining sofa brands also offer sectional models if you’re considering a piece of furniture that allows such a feature

Are L Shaped Sofas A Good Idea?

Multiple placement ideas

L-shaped sectional couches are a fantastic idea, regardless of your living room. Homeowners often assume that this type of sofa will look overwhelming unless you have a big room. However, L-shaped sofas can be positioned in the wall or middle of the area and not just on the corner traditionally. 

If you want to know more, here is how to arrange a sectional in a small living room

Room division

Another reason why an L-shaped sofa is a good idea is to use it to section the room. Those who have an open floor plan can distinguish different room areas by using the sectional couch as a barrier. You can even decorate and arrange behind the couch to make the most of the space. 

For example, add a table and a couple of chairs to create a mini-bar behind the TV section. The size of the sofa can also separate the lounging area from the kitchen. 


Should I Get A Sectional Or Two Sofas?

The primary consideration when deciding between getting two sofas or a sectional is your available space. For example, will the room look grounded if you used two couches, or will it look more cohesive and furnished with just one sectional? Remember that there are also sectionals that you can take apart or change the configuration. 

In some rooms, two sofas might look more appealing, especially for social interaction. You can have them parallel and bring everything together with a stylish sofa table in the middle. And finally, imagine how your traffic will flow with either option because you want enough space for people to move around. 


What Is A Good Price For A Sectional Sofa?

A reasonable price range for a sectional sofa is between $1200 to $3000. Remember that you are paying for quality materials and craftsmanship, so the couch stays in good shape for a long time. Furthermore, sectional sofas are bigger than your loveseats, so it should be expected that they will be pretty pricey. 

Do you want to save more when buying a couch? It will help if you know the best time to buy a sofa. In addition, you might be able to score discounts and other promos when you visit stores during these months.  



Buying a sectional couch is not as intimidating as it seems. In this article, you have learned how to buy a good sectional sofa using three factors. They are the size, type, and configuration of the sectional. 

You should quickly draw questions or create criteria to land the best sectional couch using these factors. We hope you learned a lot, and let us talk in the comments if you want to know more!


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