How To Burn Coal In A Wood Stove? 3 Easy Steps For You!

Have you ever wondered if how to burn coal in a wood stove? Maybe you have access to coal or multi-fuel and consider utilizing it in your stove instead of wood. If so, bear in mind that you should not use domestic and smokeless fuels.

In truth, the name gives it: if you want to burn carbon and smokeless fuel, you will need a multi-fueled stove, not a wood burner. For anything besides burning logs, you should never use a log burner.

how to burn coal in a wood stove

You can’t simply burn coal with any fireplace; it requires more attention and proper ventilation than wood. If you have a working coal fireplace in the Rumford design and the appropriate accessories, you are set to go. If not, visit a specialist to certify your coal-compatible fireplace.

Difference Between Wood-Burning And Multi-Fuel Stoves

The main difference between the two kinds of stoves is their design. Firewood is burnt in the wood burner on a flat-floor stove, whereas coal and smokeless fuels are placed on a raised grate. Why is there a difference? Wood requires air from above to initiate the burning process, whereas carbon and smokeless fuels require air from above and below. Coal is far more productive of ash than wood. Multi-fuel stoves also need a location to collect ash. A more significant proportion of coal and non-smoking fuels is incompatible with wood stoves.

Most woods have a relatively low ash content, which is generally 1-2 % moist. Bituminous carbon is a startling 13-15 percent ash compared to regular domestic coal, with an ash content ranging from 5-7 percent to 13-15 percent. Coal may cause considerable damage to the equipment in a wood stove.

Moreover, coal needs air from below to be burnt; it might probably damage your wood-burning stove, which is not constructed to handle hot coals. Finally, as carbon burns at temperatures greater than wood, it will surely smash your log burner, distorting you and maybe melting it.

Remember! Always utilize the properly seasoned wood. As you can see, with a wood-burning stove, anything besides wood is never a smart idea.

The wood with a moisture content of 30 percent or less should be well-seasoned for optimal performance. Seasoned logs contain bark, which is easier to recognize and remove from the timber. You will also notice fractures in the grain, and you will hear the hollow ringing sound when you strike two logs together, rather than the stubborn thud from two pieces of wet wood. So, how to burn coal in a wood stove?


Steps To Burn Coal In A Wood Stove

Now, after you have ensured that you can burn coal in your wood stove, you will need to know the steps on how to do it. In this section, we have listed the steps to make everything easier for you.

Step #1. Prepare the things needed

For this, you will need to gather some newspaper, dry anthracite charcoal of about 6-12 inches long, pellet or chunk. Once you completed these things, you can proceed to burn the coal.


Step #2. Arrange the coal

Open the fireplace damper. Clean the floor from top to bottom. Put some crumpled newspaper sheets under the grate. Arrange the sparkling pieces across the grate to get in touch.


Step #3. Lit

Clear the paper by laying over the lightening two to four pieces or two cups of pellets. Keep an eye on the fire and move lightning or coal pieces as required until the bottom of the coal pieces are lit. Add minor quantities of coal to keep the fire going, but don’t overcrowd the grate. Allow the damper to be open for 60 to 90 minutes so that the fire completely burns out before you cease adding coal. Just remove the ashes and unburned charcoal once it is cold. To know more, know what the best pellet stove is and how does a pellet stove work.



Burn anthracite or hard coal in little bits or pellets may even be used in a charcoal burner to burn in a fireplace. Anthracite generates dazzling, clean, prolonged, warm flames with far less dust, smoke, and grain than bituminous or soft coal. Your fire grate should be made for coal; altering the hardware mesh to fit onto a larger grate stabilizes beginner flames and prevents pellets from sinking between the bars. Due to the fire heat, it must regularly replace the hardware cloth.

The complete combustion is supported by the air that moves under the grate.


Warning To Burn Coal In A Wood Stove

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfuric acid are natural by-products of the combustion of fuels such as oil, wood, coal, kerosene, and charcoal. The risk of irritating and harmful effects is decreased if ventilation is adequate. Due to its slow burn, coal and charcoal demand a lot of ventilation in residence.

Incomplete combustion is caused by low ventilation, which promotes the production of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Do not shut them while you burn coal if your fireplace has doors. To avoid unintended burning, wear fire-resistant gloves at all stages of the process of building a fire. If I were you read if you can burn wood in a coal stove.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you have figured out the steps on how to burn coal in a wood stove. Make sure of your safety before, during, and while you are building a fire using coal. Use the appropriate accessories. Thank you for reading; we hope that you have learned something. I guess it’s also best to know if you can use a coal in your burner.

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