How To Build Firewood Rack From Pallets? In 5 Easy Steps

Know how to build firewood rack from pallets if you wish to have your own unique firewood rack at home.

What’s amazing about this? You can do so in 5 easy steps; all of which are quick to execute. You can surely DIY!

how to build firewood rack from pallets

It is effortless and doable, and you can save a lot of money by making it yourself.

Keep reading if you are interested.


Steps In Building Firewood Rack From Pallets

How to build firewood rack from pallets?

Here are the steps to follow for your firewood rack project.

Let us get right into it!


Step #1: Cutting the pallet

Take your pallet and decide how tall you want firewoods to be.

Cut it to your desired length, and make sure to cut it horizontally along the planks.

Be sure to save the wood scraps.

You can use a handsaw or a circular saw to cut and separate the individual pieces of wood.

You can also use a hammer to remove the nails.


Step #2: Ripping extra slats

Using the circular saw, rip the extra slats.

This will hold the side walls up.

Count the number of planks that run up the pallet—using the remaining scraps of woodcut twice the number of planks to the depth you want for your firewood rack.


Step #3: Attaching the pieces of wood to the pallet

Take some measurements to make some holes in the wood. Leave it aside because we will use this for later.

Next, we have to cut two support planks for the front of the firewood rack.

These two wood pieces that are slightly taller than the pallet will serve as an elevation for your roof that will allow the water to drip off.

Lay the pallet down, and you can start attaching the planks that you cut earlier to the side of the pallet.

Through the pilot holes that you made earlier, individually screw the planks to each side of the pallet.

Next, stand your firewood rack upright, and do not worry if they start to fall because we will attach them to the two supports that we cut earlier.

Screw the planks to the piece of wood.

Do both sides. Then the basic structure is complete.

To ensure the integrity of your firewood rack, get some couple of scrap pieces of wood and screw it on the inside of the sides of the frame diagonally.


Step 4: Making of the roof

Measure the width of your firewood rack and add 5cm to that length for safety purposes.

Mark this measurement on another piece of wood and cut two pieces to this size.

Place these two pieces of wood and push it up against the base of your rack.

Take note of the measurement between the two pieces of wood, then add an extra 5cm and cut two more pieces of wood of this size.

This will serve as the frame for the roof.

Attach these pieces of wood and screw with some heavy-duty screws.

When you have finished assembling the frame, check if it fits nicely on top of the firewood rack.

Take a large piece of hardboard and lay the frame on top of it.

Run a pencil around it to measure its size.

You can now saw the hardboard along with the guide by using either a handsaw or electric saw- whichever is available.

It is okay if the edges are rough because we will cover them later.

When your wood is already sawed to size, check if it fits the frame you made earlier.

Hammer the nails to secure the hardboard to the frame.

Check if you have hammered all the nails around the hardboard and if the roof is secure.

Take roofing felt. Lay the roof on top of it but make sure to leave some excess roofing felt around, then cut to size.

Begin by carefully wrapping the roofing felt around the roof and secure it into place with clout nails or umbrella nails.

When you get into the corner, gently trim the excess roof felt with scissors or a Stanley knife, which will allow you to wrap the corners neatly and efficiently.

Continue nailing the felt around the inside and outside of the roof if necessary until it is secure.


Step #5: Attaching the roof to the top of the firewood pallet

Carefully place the roof on top until it is positioned and secure into place.

Use screws to attach it to the frame wood and the wood of the pallet on the back.

You can now finally store all your firewoods in place!



So, how to build firewood rack from pallets?

In just five easy steps, you now have your DIY firewood rack that only takes less than a day to finish. Indeed a stylish way to store your woods!

You can take great pride because you made it on your own and saved money by doing so!

With these easy steps, you will now no longer run out of dry firewood.

Just make sure to fill your firewood rack so that you will stay warm and cozy throughout the season.

Have a great day.

Thank you for reading!

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