How To Build An Elevator Bed? 8 Easy Steps!

Are you finding a way on how to build an elevator bed?

You are probably planning to have one.

how to build an elevator bed

Fortunately, you stepped in the right place!

In this reading, we will guide you in building your elevator bed to upgrade your bedroom.

The transitions of interior designs from entire bright-colored looks to minimalistic.

Also, monochrome themes seem to attract many people.

In connection to this, tiny houses and vans with elevator beds became popular.

Since people appreciate cute-sized aesthetics.

Elevator beds are mostly requested not only because of the looks but also on the bed’s space-saving trait.

It may cost expensive if you buy an elevator bed in furniture shops.

So, building one for yourself is practical.

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“Do It Yourself” Elevator Bed

Indeed, an elevator bed is so efficient for the reason that you can have your living room.

And bedroom at the same place effortlessly.

On the other hand, keep in mind that building your elevator bed.

This does not automatically mean that you will not spend something out of your pocket.

You will still spend hundreds of bucks on the materials you will use.

But don’t worry, a “DIY” elevator bed may only cost less than one-fourth of the elevator bed’s market price.

So, how to build an elevator bed?


The Following Are The Step-By-Step To Build Elevator Bed.


 Step #1. Planning, listing of materials


#1. Planning

The first thing to do is plan out where you will place the elevator bed you are about to create.

You should be aware that you need to choose a place where three walls are close to each other for a much easier job.

These walls intend to support the slide movement of the bed.

In addition, you also need to consider the size of your mattress before assigning a measurement of your elevator bed.

So, it will fit perfectly to the bed floor.


List of tools and materials

The tools and materials you need to prepare before starting to build your elevator bed are.

  • Screws, drilling machine
  • 4 sliding door hardware
  • 4 by 4 wood beams
  • 6-8 wood joists
  • Plywood
  • Garage storage system
  • Pulleys
  • Locking pins


 Step #2. Attach the sliding door hardware

Using screws and a drilling machine.

Attach two sliding door hardware vertically on the concrete wall of your house.

Measure the distance between them.

Also, follow it for the other two sliding doors hardware for the other wall to avoid uneven beam support.

Make sure to maintain the bottom part of the sliding door high enough and reachable by you.


Step #3. Attach the wood support beams

Insert a wood support beam on both the front and back corners of the elevator bed.

They should be parallel to each other.

For the front wood support beam.

Attach the other end of the wood beams on one side of the sliding door hardware and one on the other side.

Do the same for the back wood support beam.


 Step 4. Add joists

To support the load of the mattress, you need to attach wood joists from front to back wood beams support.

Drill screws with 3 ¹/² -diameter at each side of the wood joists.

Make sure to use long screws to improve the sturdiness of each joist.

Install 6-8 wood joists.

Place them at fair distances to achieve maximum support for the elevator bed.

Do not forget to save 2 inches gap on the wood support beams before installing the joists.

This gap will hold the cable wires hook later.


 Step #5. Cut plywood for the bed surface

It is needed to place plywood to cover the gaps on the wood joists you created.

This step will give you a flat surface for your mattress positioning.

Typically, a construction shop does not let you buy an exact measurement of your elevator bed.

They only sell on a meter squared basis.

As you encounter this part.

You need to saw the excess of the plywood before you drill it on the wood support beams and joists.

You must cut the exact measurement of your elevator bed.

And drill screws on it to fully cover the spaces on your bed frame.


 Step #6. Add locking pins inside the sliding door hardware

The sliding door hardware will carry the weight of the elevator bed at a specific height.

Therefore, attach four pins on the sliding doors hardware on one particular height you want your elevator bed to standby.

You can have more than one standby height.

Just attach another four pins for your other ideal bed height.


 Step #7.  Placing garage storage system

One significant material you need is a garage storage system with its cable wires.

This thing will be responsible for the lifting movement of your elevator bed.

Connect the garage storage system to a piece of wood with a 4-diameter screw.

Then, drill it firmly to the center ceiling.

Next, Attach four pulleys on the four corners of the ceiling.

Then put each cable wire on the pulleys.

And pull them down to reach the 2-inch gap on each of the wood support beams.


 Step #8. Place the mattress

The last step is to place the mattress along with your favorite pillows above the elevator bed you just built.

Then you are ready to go!

You can now enjoy the fruit of your hard work.


Final Words

Having no basis on building an elevator bed might be more difficult.

Therefore, having one is a smart move.

We hope we guided you on how to build an elevator bed.

It is such a pleasure to help you out on your do-it-yourself job.

Thank you for reaching this part of the article.

Your efforts and time are appreciated.

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