How To Build An Adjustable Height Loft Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever caught yourself pondering, “how to build an adjustable height loft bed?” Don’t worry; we got you!

Have you ever felt that your room is too crowded?

how to build an adjustable height loft bed

Today, we’re going to explore various steps you can take to create one.

Let us start building the loft bed of your dreams!

Without further ado, let’s start!


What Is A Loft Bed?

The loft bed is a form of bunk bed that contains only one bunk on top.

Because it does not have a bottom bunk, the space below can provide ample room for storage.

Also, a walk-in closet, a cozy workspace, or a relaxed living and working environment.

Although a loft bed comes in three different heights: low loft (50 inches tall), mid loft (61.5 inches tall), and high loft (74.25 inches tall).

It is still the best choice not to settle for one height but build an adjustable height loft bed instead.


Steps To Build An Adjustable Height Loft Bed

Although loft beds are known to have stairs.

Creating an adjustable height loft bed means we will be saying goodbye to the loft bed with stairs.

And welcoming a modern loft bed with an elevator platform!

To make an adjustable height loft bed, we will need an “elevator”.

This allows you to lift and lower a lofted bed using a garage door lift system.

It may sound complicated.

But, you have no reason to fret as we will be learning how to make one most easily!


Step #1. Install heavy duty sliding door hardware

Install heavy-duty sliding door hardware horizontally.

Afterward, lock the bed by drilling the pins out in the hardware.

Ensure to fasten the sliding door hardware to the walls through the back using large screws every 8″.

Also, leave a gap or one inch on the back corners to allow the bed to slide past the artworks installed on the walls.

Do this on the four corners with the sliding barn door.


Step #2. Attach beams and install joists

When you are done doing this, attach four-by-four beams to the sliding door hardware rollers to support the bed’s weight.

Afterward, install two by four joists in between using two by four joist hangers.


Step #3. Deck the frame

Use 1×6 tongue and groove boards to deck the 2×4 frame.

You may also utilize plywood or any material that may span the joist spacings.


Step #4. Mount the garage lift to the ceiling

Firstly, mount the garage lift to 2 by six boards and mount the garage lift by screwing the boards to the ceiling.

Make sure to use large screws since the garage lift is heavy.

Also, fasten the pulleys to the ceiling joists in the same way.


Step #5. Drill holes in the sliding hardware

For locking pins, punch holes in the sliding through the sliding hardware.

The bed does not rest on the lift system; instead, it is supported by the pins.

Note that the lift system is only used to raise and lower the bed.

Also, the measurements above are only based on a tiny space.

Make sure to get the measurements when dealing with a bigger room.


What Alternative Can I Use To Adjust The Height Of My Loft Bed?

Although building an elevator loft bed is the best answer to the question “how to build an adjustable height loft bed?”

We cannot deny it is costly.

Thus, one alternative is to use bed risers.

First, you must figure out the type of bed risers you need.

Bed risers come in different varieties to cater to different bedpost sizes and lift heights.

Also, make sure to determine the height of the ceiling.

Second, to put in the bed risers in your loft bed, lift each bedpost.

Third, make sure that the weight is equally distributed on the bed riser.

You may also use glue to create a strong seal and offer additional sturdiness.

Lastly, before any weight is added to the bed, the four bedposts should be secured.


Can I Make DIY Bed Risers?

The best thing about bed risers is you can make your own!


Step #1. Prepare

In preparing, you must count the legs of your loft bed and measure the length and width of each leg.

Next, gather your materials like wood pieces, screws, a miter saw, a drill, a hole saw, and self-adhesive foam pads.


Step #2. Cut your wood into pieces

In cutting your wood into pieces, make sure that the measurements are appropriate to the size of every leg.

The measures of the wood pieces will significantly impact the bed riser’s durability.

Also, make sure to mark every lumber piece, so you won’t get confused about which bedpost it is.

Now, mark the spots where you need to create holes.


Step #3. Drill the holes and create hole cuts

To make the hole cuts, use a hole saw.

After making holes, you may attach the base.

Make sure that the bed riser’s measurement is smaller than the measurement of the base.

Screws and a drill are required to join the base to the main lumber piece.

Next, apply foam pads specifically created for furniture legs to protect the floor from abrasion damage done by bed risers.


Step #4. Attach the DIY bed risers

In attaching your DIY bed risers to your loft bed, follow the instructions that we already stated above.

You may use padded fabric or paint the bed frame if your bed risers are too noticeable.


Wrapping Up

Creating a loft bed is a good idea when saving up space but building an adjustable one is the best!

By learning how to build an adjustable height loft bed.

You will be able to take one more step forward towards your ideal room.

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