How To Build A Wooden Playpen

In this guide, you will learn how to build a wooden playpen. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

Now that you have the tools and materials, it is time to start building!

How To Build A Wooden Playpen


To build the playpen

Step 1 – Cut four pieces of wood 18″x24″, two pieces of wood 24″x36″, and two pieces of wood 36″x48″. These will be the sides, top, bottom, and front/back of your playpen.

Step 2 – Drill one hole in each corner of all six pieces of wood. The holes should be big enough for a screwdriver to fit through.

Step 3 – Screw the sidepieces together using the screws and drill bit provided. Make sure the screws are tight so the playpen doesn’t come apart easily.

Step 4 – Connect the front and back piece with two hinges. Lay the pieces flat on a ground for this step, and make sure you screw them down tightly with your drill bit so they don’t get loose over time.

Step 5 – Connect the top to all three existing pieces of wood using more hinges. You can stand it up vertically when finished if desired! Now that you have built one side of the playpen, repeat steps two through five until all four sides are complete.

Remember to connect each piece together with hinges as necessary! To install a gate:

Step 6 – Measure out where you want your gate to be installed (roughly 16″ from either side), and mark these points along both vertical boards inside of the playpen area . Make sure there is enough space between those two marks so the gate can open and close without hitting the other boards.

Step 7 – Drill two holes at each of these points, then place the provided screws through the holes and into the vertical boards to secure them in place.

Step 8 – Attach the gate by inserting the hinges on either side of it, making sure that it opens and closes easily. You’re done! Now your little one has a safe space to play in.


How do you snap the sides of a playpen?

When you’re done with the first side, move on to the second. The sides need to be snapped together at two points: one near where they overlap and another about a third of the way from there towards the other end.

You can use your knee as a rest for your hand while snapping them shut, but make sure it’s clear of any fingers or parts that might get caught in between when you push down! Be careful not to press too hard – this is especially important if young children will be playing inside because it could cause injury.

If necessary, have an adult help out so younger kids don’t accidentally hurt themselves. It may take several tries before you find just how much pressure works best for getting those flaps closed without pinching your fingers in between.


How do you lock a Baby Trend playpen?

You can purchase a baby lock separately to keep the playpen securely closed. If you already have one, they usually attach with Velcro and will fit any Baby Trend product that has four poles for their gate.

You then slide it into place on top of two opposite bars at the bottom or side of your pen right where the parent would be able to reach them easily if using this method outside of locking them in place (if they are used inside).

A child could technically break the locks open by pushing down hard enough on an edge but these aren’t meant as full proof security measures when securing infants; more like gentle reminders not to leave young children unattended near machinery, pools etc which is common sense rather than just following pen lock installation instructions.

If you have a playard, the same concept applies where you can purchase or use a baby-proofing gate to keep it closed; many times these will come with a locking mechanism as well.

With this particular brand and type of product, there are also ways to make it more difficult for your child to escape even if they figure out how to open the gate.

By attaching one or two pieces of furniture (a crib, changing table etc.) on either side of the opening, it becomes much harder for them to move whatever is blocking their way and gain access–especially if said piece(s) are heavy.

If you’re using this method be sure that all cords from any plugged in devices are out of reach and that there are no small objects left on the floor that they could potentially choke on. Again, these steps are not 100% guaranteed to keep your child from leaving the playard unsupervised but they will provide a bit more peace of mind.


How do you use a pack and play?

Pack and plays are great for infants or babies because they can sleep in them. They keep the baby safe and comfortable, while still providing parents with a way to rest easy at night knowing their child is next to them. It’s also an accessory that will last you through several different stages of your infant’s development so it pays off long-term!

The pack and play comes with a bassinet area where your little one sleeps along with a changing table area if needed (or sometimes sold separately).

These areas give parents everything they need without having extra furniture lying around the house just for sleeping purposes! You can put these up pretty much anywhere but we recommend putting it right beside mommy’s bed so she doesn’t have to get up in the night.

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