How To Build A Used Motor Oil Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to build a used motor oil heater? Read this article, and you won’t be wasting your used motor oil or throwing it out! Now, you can make a heater out of it and use it to heat your spaces at home.

Nowadays, space heaters are electric or gas (propane) powered. Yes, they are efficient, especially in winters, but these energies can lead to higher billings or costs. Save money and use your fuel oil to make a heater!

how to build a used motor oil heater

The interesting fact about these motor oil heaters is that you’re supposed to give them to mechanical stores or recycling stations. Oils can benefit you and create higher temperatures inside the house, giving you comfort. You won’t have to waste oil anymore and build free heat.


What Is A Motor Oil Heater?

A motor oil heater uses the used oil to create heat. The heated air is transferred to the surroundings and sets the room or space at a higher temperature. Save energy and recycle your oil by building a heater. You won’t be worrying about the electricity going out or the gas or propane tank being close to emptying, or rather scratch out the wood-burning stoves or coal burner.

You can easily use and access this heater and say goodbye to the heating bills! You can now use motor oils in generating heat inside the house and significantly reduce overhead costs! Are you ready to know how to build used motor oil heater? Then, let’s stop waste oil disposal.


Steps To Make A Used Motor Oil Heater

It is essential to build a motor heater correctly to properly use your oil and materials. You aim to save waste oil while giving you free heat. There are various types of heaters you can build for used oils, but first, you have to determine where you will use your oil heater. Most of these oil heaters give heat and set a higher temperature in a room or space inside the house or outside. Are you ready to know how to build a used motor oil heater? Let’s start! 


Step #1. Choose body heater

In making an oil heater, you can use tanks of old propane tanks or water heaters. If you are going to use old propane tanks, make sure you have eliminated all the gas residues trapped inside safely and the motor in the water heater, especially if it’s electric powered. After successfully removing the engine in the water heater or gas from the tank, cut all the metals attached to it, such as handles and valves. You can use a metal grinder or saw to cut them off quickly. Meanwhile, if you have no old tanks or water heaters in a home, you can purchase one in a junkyard. 


Step #2. Laying out the door 

The door will allow you to access the burner in your motor heater. So, determine whether you like to have the old tank or water heater to be standing in an upright or parallel position. After deciding, you can now layout and draw the size of the door. After drawing the size of the door, cut the left and the right side first, then add two to three hinges on your preferred side. A hinged door will help you quickly access the door and attach them firmly. You can also add a handle to the door after completely cutting the access door. 


Step #3. Attach stand and stovepipes

After setting the door, now put your tank or water heater stand. Flip the tank at the bottom side and make four holes. These holes will be the pipes’ way to going through the heater and hold it still in one place. You can add some metals to the tubes to support the heater in standing and level then equally. After you have made a stand, let your motor heater stand. Then, turn your water heater on the right side and make a hole for the stovepipe where smoke exits. Cover all the holes in the heater with metal, if it has. You may also be interested to know about the stovepipe system.


Step #4. Setting the burner assembly

Now, we have to focus on the heart of the heater. Let’s go through the burner assembly. Use an 8-inch old frying pan and remove the handle. On the upper side of the pan, attach a three ¼ pipe or conductor spacer, ¼ x 6 inches steel plate, 6 inches cast iron frying pan which faces below, ¼ x 5 ½ inch redi bolt, ¼ inch lock washer, and 1.4-inch nut. On the lower part, you will need a ¾ inch pipe floor flange that faces downwards, ¼ x ¾ inch roundhead bolt, ¼ inch lock washer, ¼ inch nut, and another ¾ inch pipe floor flange that face upwards. Place the burner assembly inside the tank and close the access door.


It’s A Wrap!

You have successfully read and learned how to build a used motor oil heater! Isn’t that easy to do? It does, especially if you know how to use the essential tools you need in cutting metals or welding. You can now make a heater and save money using your used oils. You may also want to read about what is the best type of heater for a room and what kind of heater do i have.

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