5 Steps on How to Build A Swivel Barrel Chair

This article will guide you through how to build a swivel barrel chair. It is a good idea to get up and walk around your workspace every so often.

This helps prevent back pain, which many people experience from sitting at their desks for hours on end. If you have been thinking about how to build a swivel barrel chair, this post should be very helpful in getting the process started!

Swivel Barrel Chair


Instructions for Building A Swivel Barrel Chair

Step One: Cut two pieces of wood to the length that you want your chair. The height should be about how tall you are plus a few inches for wiggle room.

Step Two: Saw cuts in one end and another at an angle, so they can fit together like puzzle pieces. This is where the swivel will go.

Step Three: Sand the edges until they are smooth, then mark how wide you want your seat to be and cut a piece for that end of the chair. If it’s going on one side only, make sure there is enough material so that when you sit in it, both feet can rest comfortably on the floor.

Step Four: Cut two more pieces of wood to be the crossbars that will support your seat. These should be about how wide you want the chair’s height to be, not counting how much room there is for a cushion on top. If it’s going on one side only, cut enough material so that when you sit in it, your upper body weight is distributed evenly.

Step Five: Measure how wide the seat needs to be and cut two more pieces of wood for the sides of your chair’s backrest. You may want to make them slightly longer than how tall you want them so that there will be enough material on either side if you decide later not to have a back.


What is a swivel base?

A swivel base is how the chair can rotate and move.


Why does it have to be a swivel base?

The person sitting in this chair might want to turn around, or they may need extra room so that their feet don’t get caught under the seat when they’re rotating. If you are going to be sitting in this chair for any length of time, you will want to have a swivel base.


How do you attach a swivel base to a recliner?

There is a hole in the bottom of the chair for how to attach it. You will need to have screws, anchors and a drill to do this correctly.


What kind of material can you use for the seat?

You can make your own upholstery or buy some at any fabric store that has different styles and materials available on site. If you are not confident with sewing then there are professionals out there who specialize in furniture making- they may even offer swivel barrel chairs as an option too!


How does a swivel base work?

The swivel base is how the chair rotates – this gives you options for how to get in and out of it.

It can be with a foot pedal or hand-operated by leaning over once you are sitting down. The great thing about these chairs is that they have several different ways of rocking too! There’s no need to worry if someone doesn’t want to use their feet because there will always be an alternative option available.


Can you add a swivel base to a Lazy Boy recliner?

A Lazy Boy recliner is a little different from the barrel chair, but it can be done! There are several things to consider first.

It needs a sturdy base with some good traction on the bottom so that it doesn’t move when you’re sitting in it – how many people do you think to want to get up from their chair and have an armchair slide out from under them?

The second thing is whether or not they will offer any warranty for this modification. Some companies may refuse because of how much stress the swivel mount would put on other parts internally which could cause damage over time.

If these two points don’t seem like deal-breakers then go ahead and give it your best shot! In my experience, it’s not as hard to build a swivel barrel chair from scratch as one would think.


What are the benefits?

A swivel barrel chair can be turned 360 degrees easily as it has no backrest or headrest restrictions. This is great if more than one person wants to sit on the chair at a time.

A swivel chair can also be moved easily to make more room for people who might have trouble getting into or out of the chair. The back and seat are low enough so that anyone in a wheelchair will not get caught up when rotating on this type of base.

This is a great solution for someone who has limited mobility but still wants to enjoy sitting in an armless rocking chair by themselves, as it’s easy to move around without any assistance from another person!

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