How To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer? 2 Easy Steps!

How to build a pressure washer trailer? Follow the steps to prepare the equipment and materials needed, put them all together, plus ensure the wheels are proportioned while the forum’s dimensions are reasonable.

Make sure the power tool is durable for it lasts a long time. Follow the steps carefully and start a pressure washing start-up business.

How to build a pressure washer trailer

Clean a broader area in your place at a particular time. In this case, you can never go wrong with building a pressure washer trailer. Remember that using a pressure washer trailer saves you time by offering a part-time pressure washer cleaning service. 


Understanding Pressure Washer Trailer

The pressure washer trailer is similar to mounting the equipment above the trailer to help you carry out more despite a limited time. Hence, you become more efficient with this versatile trailer and carry vehicles to the location. Allow it to stay in the workplace and get back to work the coming day without transporting the pressure washer trailer home. It’s less likely to be stolen than the truck-type pressure washer. Plus, it’s easier when maintained and scaled.


Facing The Reality of Pressure Washer Trailer

The many advantages of a pressure washer trailer also come with a few disadvantages. It can cost more than the truck-mounted type. A wheel addition is a necessity, plus a platform to place it on. With a truck-mounted pressure washer trailer, it just has to be attached above the existing truck.


Essential Equipment Needed

Below are the essentials needed for the pressure washer trailer to function correctly.


#1. Hose reels

Choose whether you want spring-driven, electric-driven, pivoting, and hand crank. Click on this link to know how to repair pressure washer hose.


#2. Fuel tanks

So many options are there when choosing fuel tanks. A substantial commercial duty engine is required as pressure washing systems burn more gasoline.


#3. Triplex plunger pump

This provides the PSI and GPM requirements as it operates to four-point five GPM water and at five thousand PSI for optimum cleaning performance. The models of pumps are available. The majority of them work on gas while providing twenty-HP.


#4. Engine

Obtain a highly-graded industrial type of engine as the engine of Honda is suitable for this job. Nonetheless, some are also there to find. A twenty-two HP type of engine is needed relevant for three-thousand six-hundred RPM.


#5. Detergent tank

A detergent tank seemed essential for efficiency in pressure washing. Many various tanks are available on the market. Choose one which suits your needs. Know how to use detergent with pressure washer


#6. Hot water burner

Improve the efficiency of a pressure washer trailer with a hot water burner that you can use to clean on high pressure. Clean up everything until achieving perfection.


Steps To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer

How to build a pressure washer trailer? Follow the simple steps to build a pressure washer trailer, enabling you to become the mix and match boss:


Step #1. Obtaining the equipment and materials required

Combine all the equipment and materials, including triplex plunger pump, hot water type of burner, fuel tank, hose reel, detergent tank, and water tank. Hot water from a hot water burner removes stubborn dirt and grime. Triplex-type plunger pump provides the actual power required to handle the job. Choose the hose reel. Water, fuel, and the detergent tank are also self-explanatory. Add more features such as lights, spare tires, lockable storage, & many more.


Step #2. Attaching them altogether

Attach all the needed equipment on the platform. Next, map out after calculating how to place the equipment on board. Set the wheels properly proportioned while the forum dimensions are reasonably set. Seek help from an expert to calculate and ensure its durability to last for a long time.


Set-up of Pressure Washer Trailer Suited For

The pressure washer trailer is indeed huge to clean up a more prominent location. Businesses use a professional pressure washer to improve their performance. The standard pressure washer helps clean a sidewalk or pavement. No trailer is needed in this sense for cleaning up something. Nonetheless, a professional business for pressure washers requires improvement in cleaning. That’s when a pressure washer trailer’s mobile and detailed setup is of the essence. 


Pressure Washer Trailer Advantages

Set this trailer type up and succeed in an aggressive expansion. Pressure washing businesses so far recommend this.

  • Flexible. Just hook the washer trailer to a truck to get an adjustable performance in a job in the years to come.
  • Mobile. Park the pressure washer trailer or leave it on-site and use the truck for doing other things. The perfect setup makes truck mobile more flexible than any other.
  • Higher security. The security is as promised by the pressure washer. After dismounting the truck and the trailer, store it anywhere safe and with no worries. If someone tries to steal the device, a truck is needed in this case.
  • A better choice for expanding a business. This seemed a great option if you wanted to grow the business. A trailer is required to manage better business expansion.
  • Good for customer attraction. The pressure washer trailer gets more attention and looks more eye-catching. Add some truck advertisements after it is mounted, impacting the profit and the business.

 Here’s the ultimate guide to pressure washer trailer setup.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to build a pressure washer trailer by following the two steps mentioned. Try to understand the pressure washer trailer first and continue with building it. Bear in mind how advantageous it is to better manage business expansion. 

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